11 Ways To Motivate Your Work | What Can Do From Today

 11 Ways to Motivate Your Work | What 20s Can Do From Today

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11 Ways to Motivate Your Work | What 20s Can Do From Today

Motivation and maintenance are important for smooth and enjoyable work. However, it is difficult for a business person in his twenties to blindly think “let’s increase motivation!”.

So this time, I will introduce 11 patterns of how to raise motivation that you can control according to your own intentions and actions Learn how to motivate yourself, think about what suits you best, and face your work positively!

Reasons for reduced motivation

First of all, it is important to know the reason why your motivation for work does not increase or decrease. The reasons for lowering motivation vary from person to person, but there are four main reasons. If any one is true, it’s likely that you’re motivated.

I’m not attracted to work

In the first place, motivation for work often depends on “whether you feel that you are doing an attractive job” or “whether you feel that it is worthwhile”. In other words, low motivation means that you are not attracted to your current job and that you are not rewarded.

This can happen not only if you get a job at a company that you are not interested in from the beginning, but also if you get a job at a company of your first choice. Even if I used to like a job at first, after a few years of employment, I gradually get tired of “repeating the same thing every day” and become unattractive.

Motivation tends to decline if you’re not getting results from your work, or if you’re unresponsive and don’t know what you’re doing.

Low salary for work content

Even if you are busy with work and have a strong feeling that you are working, your motivation will drop if your salary is not commensurate with the content. In particular, it is not uncommon for people to complain that they are just busy and their salaries are low, rather than being “competitive with fun work.”

If you have a low salary for hard work, you will often wonder why you have to do such a hard job. No matter how hard you try, your salary will not rise, and if you think that you can only get cheap wages, you may lose your ability to work.

If you get a salary that is commensurate with your work, you may be able to put up with hard work and feel rewarding, but if the salary is not worth it, your motivation tends to drop.

Bad relationships at work

It’s important that work is what you want to do and what you like, but it’s also important to know who you are. No matter how much you like your job, poor relationships in the workplace often make you dislike the job and reduce your motivation.

There are various types of work, but basically, there is no one that is completely completed by one person, and communication with others is always a prerequisite. Also, depending on the type of work, we often act as a team, and depending on this member, whether or not it feels rewarding may change.

“Being able to do your favorite work with your favorite people” is the best condition, and it is easy for people who dislike your favorite work to dislike it. Of course, if you don’t have a lot of attachment to the work itself, poor relationships can make you even less motivated.

Bad working environment

To maintain motivation, it is important to be able to work comfortably, and if the working environment is poor, motivation will decline day by day.

If your workplace isn’t tidy or you don’t have enough space to rest, you’ll be less motivated.

In addition, the working environment refers to the overall environment surrounding work, and overtime hours and the number of working days are also classified here.

If you work overtime for a long time like every day, or if you go to work every week on holidays, your private life will be overwhelmed and you will often be disgusted. In addition, the amount of work does not change even if there is a labor shortage, and motivation tends to decrease when the amount of allocation to individuals increases.

11 Ways to Motivate Your Work

The motivation that is falling does not rise automatically, so you have to devise something to raise it yourself.

So, in this article, I’ll show you 11 ways to get motivated.

Try these methods, find the one that suits you best, and regain your motivation.

1. Set goals every day

As I mentioned earlier, the reason why people are less motivated to work is that even if they work on it, they do not produce results, and they often repeat the same thing every day and there is no competition. In that case, it is important to regain the competition for work by setting some goals every day and striving to achieve them.

You don’t have to think about your goals exaggeratedly, you can do things right away, such as “complete the material by the end of the day” or “answer more than others.” By setting goals every day, you can find your own rewards, and achieving them will give you a sense of fulfillment.

Successful experiences of achieving goals will lead to increased motivation, and next time you will be motivated to reach higher goals. Setting goals and getting into the habit of achieving them makes it easier to set long-term goals rather than short-term ones.

As you reach your daily goals, you will also be able to think about your career vision as to what you want to do in the future. Thinking about the path to that will further increase your motivation.

2. Set your own reward

When work is successful, it is easy to feel rewarding and motivated. Even if it is difficult to achieve results every day, you can easily increase your motivation by setting a reward yourself.

When setting rewards, it’s important to set goals and ensure that you only get rewards when you reach them.

The reward can be anything that motivates you, for example, “Eat one chocolate when you complete one page of the material”. For a bigger reward, you can buy what you want after your work has settled down.

Not only will you be motivated by setting rewards, but you can also set goals automatically, making it easier to find rewards, and it can be said that you are two birds with one stone.

3. Watch a success story movie

A successful experience is important for motivation, but it doesn’t have to be yours. Watching success story movies and dramas is also recommended, as other people’s successful experiences can also increase motivation.

By seeing the successful experiences in the work, you can know the brightness of life, the enjoyment of work, the charm, etc., and it will also motivate you to work. If you have a work that is based on the work you are currently working on, it is recommended because it is easier to sympathize with it and improve your motivation.

It is also a point that you can have time to take a break by watching movies and dramas slowly. You can power up your body and soul, so it’s a method you’ll want to use even when you’re tired.

4. Read a self-developent book

If you want to get motivated right away, I recommend reading a self-development book. There are various self-development books, but choosing the one that suits your current worries will make it more effective as a quick-acting drug.

For example, if you are worried about relationships in the workplace, you should read a book about communication, and if you are worried about your work not working well, you should read a book about work techniques such as how to proceed efficiently. Many self-development books not only describe know-how, but also mention how to increase motivation.

Many of them are written in an easy-to-understand manner so that they are easy to read, so even people who do not read books very often should be able to take on the challenge.

5. Emulate someone you can respect

It is important to change your current behavior and thoughts in order to increase your reduced motivation. Even if you have the same idea and continue to act, it will be “good and maintain the status quo.” In such a case, it is recommended to emulate a “respectable person” and change to better behavior and thinking.

The person you can respect does not have to be someone in the company. Start by finding one person and trying to imitate that person’s way of life and work. It is often the case that you can broaden your horizons and solve your worries by coming into contact with ideas that are different from your own.

In addition, by following the people you admire and acting, you often naturally lead to growth. From the expectation that “continuing this will make you look like a person you can respect, and get closer to you as much as possible”, it will be easier to increase your motivation for work.

6. Makea rival

Motivation is influenced by “competition with work”, so there is also a way to create rivals and set the goal of “not losing to the other party”. It doesn’t matter if you set it as a rival, either synchronously or senior or junior. Try setting a person who has the same ability or a little higher than the other person as a rival.

Then, you will feel like “Let’s do our best not to lose” and it should be easier to raise motivation.

Having one person as a rival with a competitive spirit creates competition in the work. In addition, rivals are not limited to the company, so you can increase your motivation by making competitors such as competitions rivals and working hard so as not to lose to other companies.

7. Conversation with friends and acquaintances

When I’m motivated, I’m often stuck at work or dissatisfied. Therefore, in order to regain motivation, it is important to change your mood, and it is a good idea to talk with friends and acquaintances who can easily talk.

You can relax by talking with your friends, and if you can trust them, you should be able to easily confide your dissatisfaction, complaints, and worries about your work. You may be able to talk without hesitation because you are doing a different job, so even people from different industries may come up with new discoveries by discussing their work concerns.

Talking to the other person can also give you tips on how to improve your motivation. Meet your friends and acquaintances regularly to refresh yourself, as just having a conversation can be a refreshing experience.

If you want to have a specific job consultation, such as improving your work, you can take the plunge and talk to your sync or a trusted boss. The important thing is to talk to someone instead of holding it alone. That alone often makes you feel better, so it’s a good idea to share your worries and dissatisfactions with the people around you and disperse them.

8. Write down what you are worried about on paper

It is also a good idea to write down your current worries on paper to determine the cause of your motivation. Thinking with your head and writing on paper to visually grasp it often leads to different ways of thinking even if you have the same problem.

When you write it down, you may be worried about small things that you are not usually aware of, and you can find out the reason for your motivation and the cause of stress.

In addition, it is a good idea to write down not only what kind of problems you have when writing on paper, but also how to solve them, including countermeasures. To come up with a solution, it is important to break down your worries and re-examine the cause in detail.

For example, if you are worried that your work is hard, think about how hard it is and why it is hard.

If the cause of the pain is “long working hours”, think about further countermeasures such as why you have to work long hours, allocate it to other people, or work more efficiently.

9. Keep your desk tidy

To increase motivation, it is important to pay attention to the details. A quick way to do this is to keep your desk tidy. Just doing this will change your mood and improve your motivation.

If your desk is cluttered, it’s hard to work, and it’s hard to get motivated to work. Even if you start work, it is not uncommon for you to stop working because you cannot find the materials you need or know where and what you put them.

Keeping your desk clean makes it easier for you to focus on your work, get what you need quickly, and streamline your work. If you are cluttered in front of you, you may get tired because of the large amount of information you can see, so be careful.

Keep your workplace clean, as motivation often depends on how well your desk and workplace are organized.

10. Get up in the morning and do some light exercise

By waking up in the morning and doing light exercise, you can activate your brain and increase your motivation and motivation for work.

You don’t have to do heavy exercise suddenly, and you can get up faster by running for 20 minutes every morning or by stretching your body. That way, you won’t go to work sleepy.

In order to be motivated and perform well in the morning, it is important to go to work in a refreshed state.

11. Listen to your favorite music before work

It’s a way to get motivated by listening to your favorite music before you go to work. By listening to music, you can expect the effect of quickly motivating your work.

It’s also a good idea to routineize your favorite playlists and the order of the music you listen to before you go to work.

7 words that motivate you to work

7 words that motivate you to work

To motivate your work, it is also recommended to refer to the words of celebrities . Quotations and wise sayings are easy to work as a quick-acting medicine for tired minds, and often lead to motivation to “work hard from tomorrow”. It will often be an inscription in your life, or a goal or core in your work.

Here are seven words that will motivate you to work. Please refer to it and find your favorite words.

Maximize performance when you decline your retreat

In the words of Professor Takashi Saito of Meiji University, “Performance is maximized when you refuse to retire.” This means that you can maximize your power by eliminating the escape route yourself, and it is explained that “the importance of driving yourself” is explained.

It’s also because there are so many choices that you get lost in choosing things. But if you have only one thing to do, it’s best and a must to push towards it. Cutting off the retreat also means throwing away other options, so if you get lost, you can narrow down the options to just one and create an environment where you can concentrate on that.

In the state of “backwater camp”, the lack of an escape route makes me feel better and I have no choice but to concentrate on what is in front of me.

If you can’t find what you like, make money for the time being

Yoshikazu Ebisu, a manga artist who often appears on TV, has left the saying, “If you can’t find what you like, make money for the time being.” This means, “If you make money for the time being, you will be motivated whether you like it or not.”

It is important to try it first and earn as much money as you can to make a living, and if you continue to do anything, you may be good at it or find your favorite side.

Also, earning money and making savings has the advantage of making it easier to take on challenges if you find something you like. If you have money, you will have more room, and if you have more money, you will have more free choices, so one way is to work hard and earn money in case you can do what you want to do.

Let’s make a change before we get stuck

An American businessman named Jack Welch has left behind the phrase, “Let’s make a difference before we get stuck.” This emphasizes the importance of acting before things go wrong, in other words, “don’t be afraid to make changes while you have free choices.”

If you run out of options, you will inevitably have a limited number of options. There is no problem if you intentionally limit the options, but if the situation changes and you unintentionally become unable to select, the remaining options are often bad.

It’s important to take action before you can only choose the worst move, and continuing to make changes can be rewarding and easy to maintain high motivation.

The problem is the future. So I don’t look back on the past.

It’s the words of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

It teaches us the importance of always looking to the future and feeling positive without looking back at the past.

In order to increase motivation, it is important to keep looking forward without being depressed by the past.

Let’s go as far as we can. If you get there, you should be able to see a farther view.

It is the words of JP Morgan, the founder of the Morgan conglomerate, one of the five major conglomerates in the United States.

If you are not always satisfied with the status quo and aim for higher heights, you will have a sense of accomplishment and new options that you have never seen before. Even at work, you can grow and improve your skills by always having high goals.

It’s a word I always want to keep in mind to keep my motivation high.

I ask myself every day, am I doing the most important thing I can do now?

It’s the words of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. It will inspire you to explore and take on new challenges.

In order to motivate me, I look back on “Is it the best performance today?” Every day and feel the importance of continuing to pursue tomorrow rather than yesterday.

I think that accumulating small things is the only way to go to a ridiculous place.

It is a word of Ichiro who played an active part in the major league.

It is impossible to play an active role suddenly, but it should be a job for small accumulations to become big results and return to you someday. No matter how high your goals are, it makes you want to step by step to achieve them.

What is essential for maintaining motivation?

It is important not only to increase motivation for work, but also to maintain it.

Here are three points that are essential for maintaining motivation.

Keep your motivation high by consciously working on these three things.

Making time and protecting

In order not to lower your motivation, it is important to make time and protect it.

If you can’t make free time due to your busy schedule, you will soon get tired without having time to take a break. Also, when it comes to work, if you don’t have enough time, you will easily get stuck and you will not be able to make the best choice.

Time is something you create and find yourself. Review useless behavior and make as much free time as possible. And in order to make effective use of the time you have created, it is important to keep the time and manage the schedule thoroughly.

In order not to waste the time you have created, be sure to keep your time and act on the correct time schedule.

Repeat basic practice and repetitive practice

Basic practice and repetitive practice are indispensable for efficient work and smooth work.

Working efficiently helps you achieve results and keeps you motivated.

In order to maintain motivation, it is important not to fail, and sometimes it is also important to choose a work method that can be carried out reliably without risk. There are times when you need a wacky idea at work, but it’s also important to be “faithful to the basics.” In order to reconsider the way of working, you can refer to the way of people who can work.

Rather than going badly and failing or taking extra effort, it is better to adhere to the basics and repeatedly practice the method of surely succeeding, which will eventually lead to your own growth. There is also.

Use on and off properly

To stay motivated, it is important not only to enhance your work, but also to enhance your private life. Therefore, it would be nice to be able to use on and off properly so that you do not place too much emphasis on either one.

It’s good to work hard, but if you focus on it, you lose your private time.

In order to be effective at work, you have to take a rest or play in your private life to save your energy. On the other hand, it is also important to concentrate on your work so that you can enjoy your private life to your heart’s content.

It would be nice to be able to avoid putting too much effort on one side so that you can enjoy each one in a well-balanced manner.

What to do if you are not motivated to work

Even if you try the motivation method, you may still feel that you are not feeling well. In this case, try the following methods to improve your motivation.

It is important to try the method that suits your situation, and take measures according to the cause of your lack of motivation to control your feelings well.

Review your health

If you’re not motivated, you may have a health problem. Even if you are not feeling well, even if you try to get well, it will spin idle and it will often get worse.

If you feel tired, take a break, get a good night’s sleep, and eat a nutritionally balanced diet.

It is also important to exercise moderately and eliminate lack of exercise. If you drink, eat, sleep, and exercise, your health will deteriorate and your motivation will be difficult to increase, so it is a good idea to solve these problems one by one.

Consider changing jobs

If you are dissatisfied with your job and are not motivated, you may consider changing jobs.

There are limits to how individuals can change their working environment and relationships. Although it may be improved a little depending on your own efforts, if the problem is big, the underlying problem will inevitably remain.

One option is to look for another workplace without trying to solve the problem. Even if you don’t change jobs, there are many other options and types of work in the workplace. You can also offer a transfer or ask for a change in your work.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be tied to one workplace or work even if you have a hard time. Sometimes it is necessary to consider changing jobs if the workplace does not suit you or you find it difficult.

Get away from work

Thinking about work all the time can make you tired and disgusting. If you feel tired, one option is to get away from work, immerse yourself in your hobbies without thinking about your work, or take a rest.

It’s important to keep thinking about your work, but if you keep thinking about it forever, you’ll lose your concentration and become inefficient. It is often better to take a break and refresh before thinking, and better ideas will come up smoothly.

Since it is important to switch between work for work and private for private, you can decide your own rules, saying, “When you leave work, do not think about work and immerse yourself in the enjoyment of private life.”

Get paid holidays

If you are tired, you will not be motivated, so it is important to take the plunge and take a proper rest even if you have no plans. Taking a break and refreshing your mind and body will give you more energy to work.

If you work hard forever, you will never get rid of your tiredness, and you will accumulate fatigue every day. Let’s consciously take paid holidays to reset at some point.

Take control of your work motivation

Maintaining and improving motivation is important for facing work, and you need to control it with your own will and actions.

This time, I told you that even if the work is difficult and difficult, you can work on it without lowering your motivation depending on how you deal with it. How to increase work motivation varies from person to person, so first find out ” what is likely to be the driving force for you ” and then find a “motivation control method” that suits you.

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