200,000 RS a month is possible! How to earn advertising revenue with Google AdSense

 “Google AdSense” is easier to challenge if you have your own blog or website.

200,000 RS a month is possible! How to earn advertising revenue with Google AdSense
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A pay-per-click advertising service provided by Google, a major search engine service. By installing a tool for Adsense on blogs and websites, advertisements are paid to the publisher.

Businesses from advertising revenue using Google AdSense are not limited to individuals. The number of business owners and corporations is increasing.

So, in this article, I would like to introduce how to earn advertising revenue with Google AdSense. Please refer to it.

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☑️ People who have their own websites and blogs
☑️ Those who want to earn advertising revenue using Google AdSense
☑️ Those who want to earn money with Google AdSense but are worried that they don’t know what to start with

The following articles also explain in detail “how to make money”. Please read it together with this article!

What does Google AdSense make money for?

“Google AdSense” is a click-type advertising service provided by Google.

By placing the Google AdSense tool on the target website or blog, Google will display an advertisement that “recognizes it as the best” for the theme of the site, and when the advertisement is clicked, the site operator will receive advertising revenue. It is a mechanism to be paid.

A “cost-per-click” is paid for each click made by a site visitor, but the more visited the site, the more rewards you can get. Since the “cost per click” differs depending on the site you handle, the reward paid to the operator tends to fluctuate.

How Much Can I Make With Google AdSense?

So how much reward can you expect from Google AdSense?

Depending on the theme handled by Adsense, the average cost per click is about 30 rs, and if you click 100 times a day, you will be rewarded with 3,000 rs per day. If it is a reward for one month, you will earn 90,000 rs. If the site has a lot of access, you can get a monthly reward of 100,000 to 200,000 rs or more.

Therefore, creating a site with a large number of visits will affect the number of rewards.


I want to earn with Google AdSense! What should I start with?

To earn money with Google AdSense, you must first register for a Google account and Adsense by following the steps below.


① Register a Google account

If you don’t have a Google account, start by registering for an account. If you already have an account, you do not need to register again.

You can create an account by clicking “Create Google Account” from [Google Account].


② Register Google Adsense

Go to the Google Adsense site and register for Adsense.

If you click the “Apply here” button on the Adsense registration site, you will be taken to the Adsense registration screen, so let’s enter the necessary information step by step.

The information required for Adsense registration is as follows. It’s a good idea to prepare in advance before registering.

  • Full name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • URL for Adsense
  • Google account compatible gmail address


③ Paste the Adsense code on your blog

Paste the Adsense code into your blog. The method of pasting the code differs depending on whether the target blog is WordPress or not, so let’s check it before implementing.


④ Receive an Adsense review

After pasting the Adsense code, you need to be examined by Google. It is said that it takes about one day (24 hours) to respond to the examination. After passing the screening, Adsense ads will be available.

Tips for success with Google AdSense

To be successful with Google AdSense, the following points are important.

  • Increase the number of visits to the sites and blogs that you operate
  • Examine what is treated as the theme of the site
  • Continue to write articles
  • Think about where you can effectively click on your ad

It is no exaggeration to say that the number of visits to the site is directly linked to the income from Adsense, so choosing a theme is the most important issue. It is recommended to deal with more specialized themes.

Also, by continuing to write articles, you can increase the number of accesses, so it will be easier to raise the search ranking. The more quality articles you write, the better your site will be.

The location of the ad that is clicked is also important. In general, the one at the bottom of the article page tends to be clicked.

Precautions with Google AdSense

There are some points to note when using Google AdSense, so let me introduce them.


Don’t click on your own work

Clicking on an Adsense ad posted on your blog or site is a violation of the Adsense rules. Adsense rewards are for site visitors, so clicking on self-made performances is prohibited.

Also, please note that it is prohibited to ask other people such as acquaintances to click the advertisement.


Cannot be used for adult sites or highly violent sites

Adsense ads cannot be used on adult sites or highly violent sites. These sites will be dropped during the Adsense review stage, so you need to be careful about the content you are considering using.


There is no description that induces Adsense clicks

It is a violation of Adsense’s terms to make a statement that induces clicks on ads. Be sure to include “sponsored links” and “advertisements” on top of your ads.

If you find any information that induces a click, your account will be suspended.


Summary | If you have your own website or blog, Google AdSense is an easy business to work on!

How was it?

This time, I have introduced the side business using Google AdSense.

In order to succeed with Google AdSense, it is important to first “try to run a website or blog by yourself” and then “make the site or blog a site with a lot of access”. The more visited your site, the more advertising revenue you can expect.

To create a “highly visited site”, carefully examine the theme of your site or blog and pick up the ones that are likely to generate profits.

If you are thinking “I want to make money with Google AdSense as a side business!”, Please try by referring to the contents of this article.


Summary of this article
☑️ Google AdSense is recommended as a business for people who have their own websites and blogs
☑️ If you want to challenge Google AdSense, start by getting a Google account.
☑️ Keep in mind the caveats when working on Google AdSense.

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