2022 The Beginning Of The Diet

 2022, the beginning of the diet

2022, The Beginning Of The Diet

It took about a month to return the 3 kg that increased on New Year’s Day.

The own way of how to have your questions
〇 meal
〇 exercise
will talk is divided into two.

I would like to decline in advance, but I am writing based on my personal experience and views.
You will definitely lose weight this way! I can’t say for sure, and there are some that suit and some that don’t suit the dieting method.
This person has lost weight in this way, and I hope you can read it with a light feeling. Let’s start!

Meals are strict in week 5 and loose in week 2.

It doesn’t make sense to go on a diet that causes stress and damages your physical and mental health, so I tried to keep it sharp.

★ What to eat
A low-calorie diet that is basically high in protein and low in sugar and fat.
The meat, fish, vegetables, natto, eggs, nuts, etc., which are low in fat, were properly combined and adjusted.

I don’t know the calories when eating out, so I chose foods that clearly show the calories, such as basic self-catering.
Of course, there are no sweets or sweets!

★ The order of eating
It’s a sensualism, but I felt that it would be absorbed in the order in which I ate it, so I tried to eat it in order from the one with the lowest calories.
Then, before meals, drink a glass of water to prevent overeating.

I tried not to eat the next meal until I was completely hungry, at least 3 hours after the meal before eating .
I also kept in mind that I would finish my last meal by 19:00 at the latest.

Instead, I eat what I like with my friends during the two weekly holidays. Of course, I didn’t eat more than I needed because I wasted a lot of effort until then, but I didn’t set any rules and lived by eating what I liked.
However, although it is easy to say this “sharpness”, it is surprisingly difficult to put it into practice. The mentality that makes you strict is the most important.

However, some people are better at eating a slightly tougher meal seven times a week, while others are good at incorporating fasting, which is completely dependent on the person, so again, unconditionally. I don’t recommend you to do it yourself.

Exercise should be done as long as you do it!

Then, as for exercise, I first went to the gym or fitness at a pace of 1-2 times a week to exercise.
It’s about an hour each, but it’s not very easy …

And at home,
I tried to do a little exercise (Is it okay to count the exercise? Lol), such as before kneading, immediately after waking up, trying to do abdominal muscles and paca on the bed .

I think it’s harder to get fat if you consume the calories of what you ate that day, so if you can move your body even a little, you should move it.
If you can afford it, try choosing the stairs instead of the escalator, or walk one station.

That’s why I finally got back 3 kg. I can keep it for now, but I will continue to do my best not to rebound.

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