A low-carb diet method that you can practice today

 If you are interested in a low-carb diet but don’t know how to do it, here are some ways you can practice it today. With proper understanding and practice, you will be less stressed and will be able to diet safely.

What is a low-carb diet?

Modern people consume a lot of sugar just by eating normally. Reducing, or limiting, the amount of sugar is called sugar restriction, but it has been found to have a dieting effect when practiced. Therefore, this is called a “carbohydrate-restricted diet.”

The ingested sugar is sent to cells throughout the body and used as an energy source. However, if the intake is too high, excess sugar that is not used as energy will be accumulated as fat in fat cells. We use fat as energy in our daily lives, but if we accumulate more than that, we will get fat. On the other hand, the more you use, the less fat you have in your body and the less you lose weight. There are two ways to reduce the amount of fat that accumulates. One is to increase energy expenditure by exercising. And the other is sugar restriction. By reducing the amount of sugar intake, there is not much sugar left, and it becomes fat and is less likely to accumulate.

How to practice a low-carb diet

1: I’m going to feel free to start

There are two things you should know when starting a low-carb diet.

  • Don’t think too much.
  • Eat well.

Never eat a specific ingredient or meal, or conversely, do not eat that much. Balance is important in the diet. The same is true for sugar, which should be taken in moderation. And don’t try to reduce your overall diet, as you can’t have a healthy diet if you’re deficient in calories.

If there are strict restrictions, it will not last long, so I hope you enjoy your meal without thinking too much about the restrictions.

2: How much sugar should I limit?

It does not mean that “the more sugar you limit, the better”. It is an important source of energy for the body and should be taken to some extent.

According to Satoru Yamada, President of the Food, Raku, and Health Association, the amount of sugar per meal is 20 to 40 g, and the daily amount of sugar (= appropriate sugar) including 10 g of sugar from snacks is set separately. It is recommended to use 70-130g. This method is a mild sugar restriction and is called “Rocabo ®”.

■ Recommended amount of sugar intake: (20-40g) x 3 meals + dessert 10g = 70-130g

It’s nice to be able to eat dessert as well. Even if you do not limit sugar extremely, if you are overweight, you can expect a healthy diet effect with this Rocabo ® diet.

Limit sugars, but not proteins or oils. You don’t have to worry about calories. Especially for protein, try to take it positively. High-protein foods such as protein contain almost no sugar, so it is recommended.

3: Foods high in sugar

As a food material, it is abundant in cereals, potatoes, molasses, and some vegetables and fruits. Many of these are not very sweet, so they deviate from the image of “sugar = sweet”, but they contain a lot of sugar.

  • Cereals: rice, flour, corn
  • Potatoes: potatoes, sweet potatoes
  • Vegetables: pumpkin, lotus root, etc.
  • Fruits: melons, oranges, apples, etc.
  • Others: chestnuts, etc.

Types of staple foods and sugar mass in common diets

amount Sugar mass
Rice (1 bowl) 150g 55.2g
Bread (6 slices) 60g 26.6g
Udon (1 ball) 270g 56.2g

Source: Sugar restriction to enjoy both rice and oil “Satoru Yamada’s enthusiastic Rocabo ® seminar” P129

Naturally, processed foods that use a lot of these ingredients also contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, staple foods such as rice, noodles (ramen, udon, pasta, buckwheat, etc.), and bread are high in sugar. Also, simmered dishes and dishes that use a lot of sugar and mirin, such as dried mirin, also have a lot of sugar. In addition, some legumes other than soybeans also contain a large amount of sugar. In addition, some seasonings and dressings contain a lot of sugar, so be careful not to overuse them.

Desserts (chocolate, biscuits, potato chips, corn snacks, etc.) also contain a lot of sugar, and beverages can be found not only in soft and fruit juices but also in vegetable juices. As for alcohol, undistilled alcoholic beverages such as beer and sake contain a relatively large amount of sugar.

4: Foods low in sugar

As food materials, meat, seafood, eggs, fats and oils, soybeans, mushrooms, seaweed, etc. are foods with low sugar content.

In processed foods, even if these low-sugar foods are used as the main ingredients, they often contain a large amount of sugar in other ingredients, so it is advisable to check the nutrition facts label. If there is no “sugar” label on the nutrition label, refer to the “carbohydrate” label (carbohydrates also include non-sugar dietary fiber).

5: Specific method of limiting carbohydrates-halve the amount of staple food

A low-carb diet method that you can practice today

Rocabo® recommends a sugar mass of 20-40g per meal. To do this, you need to reduce your staple food intake. Let’s see how much it is concretely.

For example, if the usual amount of rice is 150g, the amount of sugar contained will be 55.2g, so let’s halve this amount. Then, you only need to ingest about 28g of sugar, which makes it a good low-carbohydrate diet. Moreover, you can take a little more 10g of sugar. With just this, you can enjoy various side dishes.

The same is true for bread. Bread is also high in sugar, and even one slice (six slices) contains as much as 26.6 g of sugar. So, if you usually eat about 2 sheets, try halving the amount, just like when you practice with rice. By doing so, you can practice Low-Carb®.

6: Specific sugar restriction method-Enjoy dessert and alcohol

A low-carb diet method that you can practice today

You can also eat desserts with mild sugar restrictions. However, the sugar intake for snacks such as desserts should be 10g or less. It is also recommended to eat nuts such as almonds, cheese, sugar-free yogurt topped with low-sugar fruit strawberries.

Sweets are very difficult to put up with without eating. However, it is also true that there is a lot of sugar, so it is necessary to reduce it to an amount commensurate with the amount of sugar. But low-carb restrictions don’t mean you can’t eat sweets. Recently, various sugar-off sweets have been sold, so let’s relieve the stress of patience by making good use of them.

As for alcohol, distilled alcohol such as shochu, whiskey, and brandy contains almost no sugar, so you can drink freely as long as you are careful about alcohol sickness.

What you shouldn’t do

Practicing a low-carb diet will reduce your staple food from your regular diet. As a result, the calorie intake will decrease, so be sure to eat the side dishes as much as you reduce the staple food. If the calorie intake continues to be significantly reduced, the body, which cannot secure normal living energy, will break down muscles to produce energy. In other words, as muscles are steadily decreasing, basal metabolism also decreases accordingly. In other words, you will be unhealthy and thin. To prevent this from happening, try to take protein and oil positively. It is also good to utilize high-protein foods such as protein. Rest assured that if you’re on a low-carb diet, you won’t get fat because of it, even if you eat until you’re full.

It is also not recommended to limit sugars extremely. The first few weeks are likely to be ill and very difficult to continue as you can barely eat staple foods and desserts. Even if you overdo it, you will not be able to continue, so it is recommended that you use a mild sugar restriction such as Rocabo® rather than an extreme sugar restriction.


A low-carbohydrate diet (low-carbohydrate diet: Rocabo®) helps you gain weight by reducing your sugar intake. It is an easy method to practice, as long as you limit the amount of sugar, you do not have to calculate the calories, and you can eat dessert. Foods and oils that are rich in protein should be taken positively rather than worrying about calories.

You should not try to limit sugar to the extreme. By limiting it gently, let’s practice and continue healthy while enjoying dessert as appropriate without suffering from physical upset or stress.

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