Brain Exercises: Learn to Let Your Brain Soar!

Brain Exercises: Learn to Let Your Brain Soar! Training muscles and nourishing them with nutrients, we have Hypertrophy. 

What if I train the Brain? to make you more Efficient? Do we have hypertrophy of thoughts? of execution? YES!

Brain Exercises: Learn to Let Your Brain Soar!

Best brain exercises
Brain Exercises
 Brain Exercises: Learn to Let Your   Brain Soar!
  •  Challenge the Brain? That’s right?
  •  Training for Specific Tasks
  •  Brain Exercises

You see, the idea is not to get healed. Conquer a brain with 6 panels in the abdomen. The objective is to be able to perform everyday actions efficiently. 

Therefore, the goal is not to seek ego satisfaction. To be better or more than someone or a group.

But for very practical reasons: Having a healthy mind, a more efficient brain can seek better solutions to everyday problems.

On the other hand, a lazy brain ends up presenting less adequate outputs to the complexity of our problems and, therefore, compromising our happiness:

Whether in a Simple Consumption Decision, Be in a Complex Professional Decision.

Today, we are going to share a simple, natural, and humorous way of sharing a range of exercises for the Brain that we found in an internet search. 

For which there are several exercises that the team is used to performing in our daily lives.

Challenge the Brain? That’s right?

 The human brain, like any part of the body, develops when used regularly, especially if we subject it to small challenges. On the other hand, disuse makes it “atrophy”.

Well, technically, it doesn’t atrophy like a muscle, but neural connections that aren’t used end up undone when they become unnecessary.

Among scientists, this possibility of the brain becoming lazy or more efficient is not consensual. 

Training for Specific Tasks

 Whoever trains a specific exercise can solve it later with greater ease. 

But the studies we’ve cited, especially the one on fluid intelligence, extrapolate this conclusion. 

The study shows that a trained brain is better able to solve new problems.

Finally, we don’t just learn to respond to a given stimulus, but we can learn to solve problems in general.

Brain Exercises

So you’re determined to boost your brain’s performance. Let’s go to practical tips:

 practice meditation

Meditation improves your life in every way. And you shouldn’t look at it with reservations, meditation is not necessarily linked to religion. 

You can meditate, whatever your religious orientation.

Some benefits of meditation:

  • Increases your ability to concentrate.
  • Ability threatened by our digital

    multi-tasking way of life;

  • Promotes your self-discipline.

Difficult tasks such as learning a new language require a high degree of self-discipline. 

Meditation also promotes, in addition to self-discipline, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-awareness;

It improves your health and strengthens your immune system.

 Meditation promotes exactly the anti-stress effect, which makes you more vulnerable and debilitated. 

 If stress can cause illness, meditation can even cure it;

Brings peace and clarity to reasoning;

play brain games

Crosswords and Sudoku are the most common when looking for exercises to stimulate the brain.

But the list of brain games has gained several options with mobile apps.

Let’s see some that we found on the internet:

  •  Amazon Alex;
  •  Flow Free: Bridge;
  •  Train Brain;
  •  The Room;
  •  Fit Brains Trainer;
  •  Apparatus;
  •  Threes;
  •  Lumosity;

do memory exercises

Memory is a very important part of the human mind and considerably influences the brain’s ability to make good decisions. 

It’s no use having good reasoning, with laterality and depth, if you don’t have a big “pool” for him to immerse himself in, in this case, the memory.

There are very interesting memory exercises, such as reading a book and telling it to someone (or writing a summary) or trying to remember every item you bought at the grocery store (make a list and then compare it to the tax receipt).

You can also mentally revisit the places you’ve been through during the day (including those you routinely pass through) and try to describe them in minute detail.

As we’ll see below, learning a new language or performing complex math operations in your head also improves your memory. 

One technique I used when studying for competitions was to study one subject, then study another subject, and then answer questions about the first subject (instead of answering questions right after reading the subject).

Replace machine with ahead

We don’t even use paper anymore to perform our mathematical operations. 

Today, everything is done by the computer or, at the very least, the calculator (mobile phone).

However, don’t forget what we said above: in the brain, the connection that is not used is broken. 

So try to do some math on paper and then start doing it in your head, including complex ones, with several decimal places. 

We forgot to say in the previous item, but math operations with several decimal places, performed in your head, also exercise memory!

learn a new language

 In addition to slowing the aging of the mind, learning a new language is an exercise for the brain that has many benefits.

Learning a new language can be quite challenging at first, but persistence and discipline will make you progress quickly. Knowing a new language expands your vocabulary (vocabulary refers to how many words you know. See how it exercises your memory too!) and learning new grammar rules also challenges your brain.

This news is about a study that found that bilingual people make better financial decisions.

They ask me to write an article with the translation of this article and put it here on the blog! My memory is not so good and I will forget to do that (laughs!).

Brain Exercises: Learn to Let Your Brain Soar!

Learn to play a musical instrument

 Learning a (new) musical instrument is like learning another language. If you already play one, you will have to learn the specific motor skills of that instrument and coordination for using both hands simultaneously.

Brain Exercises, if you haven’t played or started any instrument, the degree of learning will be even greater, with the formation of countless connections in your brain as you enter the musical universe (musical theory, learning scales, harmony, etc.).

Studies show that children who had contact with music doing Brain Exercises, from an early age achieve better results in IQ tests. 

However, some dispute these effects of contact with music in childhood.

 try something new

Something more radical like traveling to totally unfamiliar places (even whose language you don’t speak!) or even small everyday changes in your routine can stimulate your brain in a different and useful way.

  • Examples of brain exercises that you can easily adopt:
  • Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand;
  • Do the same with the mouse;
  • Do tasks with your eyes closed, such as taking a shower or dressing;
  • See the time in the mirror;
  • Take a different route to work;

Sharing this article ah hah, might not seem like it, but sharing this article is a fun way to show everyone that you care. Interact with everyone and encourage games to develop Brain exercises.

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