What Happens If You Eat Bananas Every Day? Lose Weight? Get Fat? When Should I Eat

Eat bananas every day:

Eat Bananas Every Day

“What is the effect of eating bananas every day?”
“Is it true that eating bananas makes you lose weight?”

Bananas have the effect of improving swelling and relieving fatigue.
A dietitian will explain the proper amount and how to eat efficiently.

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Can I eat bananas every day?

You can eat bananas every day.
The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare also recommend a daily intake of fruits with a goal of 200g per day.

What is the proper amount of banana for a day?

Eat two bananas as a guide.

Can I lose weight if I eat bananas every day? Get fat?

It depends on the content of the meal and the amount of exercise per day, so it cannot be said to be “thin” or “fat”.

However, bananas are higher in calories than other fruits, so eating too much can make you fat.

The standard amount of fruit is about 200g per day.
Don’t eat much more than that.

Calories per 100g of fruit
Kiwi (green)51kcal
Grape (without skin)58kcal

One point advice

Bananas are full and tend to neglect other meals, but bananas alone lack the nutrients your body needsIt’s not limited to bananas, but please refrain from eating too much of one food.

When do you recommend eating?

  • Eating in the morning “makes you fall asleep better”
  • “Recovery from fatigue & energy charge” when eaten at noon

It is thought that there are merits such as.

Bananas can be expected to work differently depending on the time of day they are eaten. Decide when to eat according to your physical condition and the expected effect.

Banana in the morning “makes you fall asleep better”

Bananas contain nutrients (tryptophan, vitamin B6, etc.) that help you fall asleep.
For those who have trouble falling asleep, we recommend eating bananas in the morning.

Bananas contain nutrients that are the source of the mentally stabilizing substance “serotonin.”

“Serotonin” changes into a hormone called “melatonin” in the brain.
Melatonin, which is secreted at night, has the effect of lowering body temperature and making it easier to sleep.

It is efficient to take bananas in the morning because “serotonin” is secreted when it is exposed to sufficient morning sun and the light enters the eyes.

“Recovery from fatigue & energy charge” with lunch banana

The banana carbohydrate is a source of energy and, vitamin B1 is required in order to use the sugar in the body contains.

By taking vitamin B1 and sugar together, sugar can be efficiently converted into energy, which can be used for the recovery of the body. For people with a lot of activity during the day, we recommend eating it for lunch as a way to recover from fatigue and charge energy.

Nutrients that support “elimination of swelling”!

Bananas contain “potassium” that promotes the excretion of sodium.
Therefore, it leads to the elimination of “swelling” caused by excessive intake of salt.

If you want to get banana nutrition efficiently

If you want to take nutrition efficiently

  1. Eat immature bananas
  2. Eat with yogurt

I recommend that.

Part 1 Immature bananas are recommended

Unripe bananas contain a component called “resistant starch” and are said to be more effective in improving the intestinal environment and smoothing bowel movements than ordinary bananas.

Resistant starch prepares the intestinal environment and approaches the relief of constipation.
It also suppresses the rise in blood sugar levels and prevents fat accumulation.

If you are on a diet, choose a banana that is green before it ripens to yellow.

Part 2 Eat with yogurt

Eating it with yogurt, which is rich in lactic acid bacteria, helps to improve the intestinal environment.

For toppings, oligosaccharides, which help the growth of lactic acid bacteria, are recommended.

Eat yogurt with bananas after breakfast

Eating protein-containing yogurt in the morning raises your body temperature and makes it easier to wake up.

Also, if you take it on an empty stomach, stomach acid may kill lactic acid bacteria, so eat it after meals.

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