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Vegetables and fruits also contain nutrients in the skin, which is usually discarded. Some of them cannot be eaten, but some are surprisingly delicious! Introducing vegetables and fruits that can be eaten with the skin and how to eat them.

What nutritional components are contained in the skins of vegetables and fruits?

Vegetables and fruits have slightly different nutritional content depending on the part. For example, vegetables and fruits do not have the bones of animals, so the skin contains more dietary fiber to support tissues than the center of the fruit.

In addition, the skin part excludes active oxygen that increases when exposed to sunlight, and in order to protect yourself from foreign enemies such as insects and birds, vitamins such as β-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E, which have antioxidant effects, and astringency Contains phytochemicals that are the source of the scent.

In the old days, food was not easily available as in modern times, so it was used without waste when processing it into pickles such as taken and preserved foods. Grilled apples are cooked with the skin on, and dried tangerine peels such as cheap are Also herbal medicines. Apple skin contains polyphenols, dietary fiber, 

iron, and vitamin C, and tangerine skin contains vitamin C, vitamin P, dietary fiber, and carotene. The ancestors must have been empirically devised to make the best use of nutritional components.

People who have bad teeth and are hard to eat hard foods, are hungry, or have allergies should avoid it, but even though it is rich in modern times, it is a good idea to eat the edible parts without waste.

Precautions when eating vegetable/fruit peels

So why do we peel? This is because peeling does not have the resistance of dietary fiber and improves the texture and throat. Another reason is to eat safely. There is also the idea that it is safer to peel the soiled ones because there is concern about bacterial adhesion and residual pesticides on the fruits and leaves.

Although it is nutritious and wasteful to throw away, there are some precautions to take when eating the skin. Basically, thin-skinned foods are easy to eat, but hard and thick-skinned foods and foods with a lot of hair, that is, a lot of dietary fiber that cannot be decomposed by digestive enzymes, are hard to eat, and even if they pass through the throat, they are hungry. May break.

Also, people who are allergic to vegetables and fruits should be careful. In recent years, people with hay fever have been warned that eating fruits such as apples, pears, and loquats may cause oral allergies.

“Residual pesticides” are pesticides used during cultivation that remain in the crop. In Japan, there are strict regulations on the amount and frequency of use of pesticides for each type of pesticide, and it is decided to stop spraying pesticides for a certain period of Post-harvest pesticides such as fungicides may be used in products.

In addition, only those that have been investigated for long-term effects on the human body and confirmed to be safe are used. Imported from overseas to prevent rot and mold. These are required to be labeled as salts at the time of sale, so please check at the store.

If you feel uneasy, wash, boil, or steam thoroughly before using. Water-soluble ones dissolve in water, and volatile ones are reduced by passing heat.

Eat delicious vegetable and fruit skins! Practical edition

・ For radish and turnip, be sure to use the skin

Grated radish can be eaten without any discomfort even when used with the skin. Also, I think it is well known that the peeled skin is chopped into miso soup ingredients and kinpira.

・ Lotus root and pumpkin can be boiled

These thin skins can also be eaten by heating. Cut the skin as it is and use it for cooking such as simmered dishes.

・ In the old days, watermelon skins …

In the past, watermelon skins were also pickled or stir-fried, but unfortunately these days, the skins have become thinner due to breeding, and there are times when the amount is not enough to eat.

・ Nagaimo skin chips

Bake the beard roots with a gas fire, sprinkle a thin layer of flour on the thickly peeled skin, and fry it crispy. These long potato skin chips are also great for beer snacks and children’s snacks.

・ Kakiage with asparagus hull

The fresh asparagus rind is fresh, so you can enjoy it with carrots, onions, shrimp and kakiage.

・ Every skin! Kiwi fruit

Many people eat thin-skinned apples and pears as they are. Recently, it has been talked about that kiwifruit can be eaten with its skin, but for example, baby kiwi with very thin skin can be eaten without any problem. 

Also, since the skin of gold kiwi is thin, it doesn’t feel so strange if you slice it thinly. If you also want to eat green kiwi skin, it will be easier to eat if you rub the surface to remove the soft hair because it has soft hair.

・ Easy to bake “roasted fruit”

It is also recommended to make it into grilled fruit. By baking and removing water, the sweetness is condensed, the skin is soft and easy to eat, and the absorption of nutrients such as dietary fiber is also good. To make it, just cut it as it is or cut it to the size you like and bake it in a frying pan, grilled fish, oven, etc


In the photo, apples, pears, baby kiwis, green kiwis, and Satsuma mandarins are baked, but various other fruits such as bananas, oysters, pears, and grapes are also baked with their skins (bananas are eaten with their skins). doesn’t happen, but it looks like a steamed banana and has a stronger sweetness).

・ Citus for jams and baked chips

Citrus fruits such as yuzu, mandarin oranges, and oranges should be jammed or boiled in honey. An easier way to eat is thinly cut grilled chips. If you bake it in a low-temperature oven of about 150 degrees for about 30 minutes, it will be crispy and can be stored. You can also add it to yogurt, ice cream, salad, etc.

・ Grape can also be used as a cooking sauce!

For grapes, sauté meat and fish, sauté the grapes in olive oil with the skin on, boil down with balsamic vinegar, season with salt and honey to make a sauce, and you can easily make a nice dish with good flavor.

Vegetable • Fruit • Nutrition

If you eat deliciously, there is no waste of nutrition, and if you reduce the amount of garbage, it will be three birds with one stone. Please enjoy it deliciously.

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