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How to gain weight In 2021
How to gain weight 

I think everyone is having a hard time losing weight, but not a few are trying to gain weight.

In many cases, people with lean bodies do not gain weight even after eating.

Of course, there is no problem with your health, but people who look crunchy may be exposed to prejudice, such as being unreliable or even look sick.

So, there are people who want to gain weight to make it look good.

Even if you say that you gain weight, I will write it in two parts, one is when a thin person wants to have a normal flesh body, and the other is when he wants to improve his appearance by doing muscle training and gaining muscles . ..

1. When you gain weight naturally by eating etc.

You don’t want to build muscle and look strong, you just increase the weight to get a normal body shape from being too thin.

It depends on the cause of being thin and not getting fat, but basically, you can expect more effects by increasing the amount of food you eat and, if possible, the number of times you eat.

1. In the case of human energy consumption does not increase a lot in body weight      from the usual

no mean that this case is fat hard constitution, but it is of ordinary constitution people, are living a life that consumes a lot of energy moving from the usual that, As a result of being in a situation where it is difficult to gain weight, it means that they remain thin.

Such as the physical labor and service industry people who move around a site in or have time nor rest in the hard work It is people prone to this that is sending the every day, such as.

People who are moving around in the former field may not be in a very bad state of physical and mental health, but people who are constantly doing hard work even in office work like the latter are exhausted by stress and fatigue. Te that they are disheartened and gone are many.

For these people, it will be difficult to eat more because they often consume a lot of energy in the fieldwork and naturally eat well due to fatigue and stress.

When it comes to that, it is essential to gain weight by reducing your usual energy consumption.

People who move around in the fieldwork may not be able to reduce their movements, but just trying to save energy can reduce the burden on the body and make it easier to gain weight. I can do it.

* How to reduce energy consumption
Even on work days, you can reduce energy consumption by keeping the following in mind.

・ Take a good break・ Sit down when you can sit down
・ Ask other people for heavy work
・ Choose a method that does not make you tired from commuting
・ Reduce working hours and overtime as much as possible

2. For people with a constitution that makes it difficult for them to absorb what they eat. 
sometimes see this case, but most of the time, it is a person with a thin and sloppy body shape.

Many people do not feel that this type is usually exhausted both physically and mentally.

I often hear the following from him.

“I’m eating properly, but I’m not getting fat.”

Even if you eat normally, it’s hard to get muscles and fat on your body, so you’re still lean and lean.

In many cases, the amount per meal is well eaten.

Therefore, you cannot increase the amount of food you eat so much, but in addition to increasing the amount of food you eat as much as possible, you can increase your energy intake by increasing the number of meals or snacking on holidays.

However, even if you can increase the amount of food you eat, if you eat blindly, you will just become fat. Some people are thin but have a lot of fat and are hungry.

As a remedy, you can review the menu by recording each meal and looking back at it later to balance the meal, and in addition to how to gain weight with a body fat scale, is the fat percentage increased too much? It is important to check.

( Body fat percentage )
proportion of body fat to the ⇒ body weight

value differs by men and women, but generally the lower the fat is less attached to the body by, less likely to become ill because it is considered good at, such as health.

Of course, the less fat you have, the better it will look.

* Estimated body fat percentage
・ Men ‥ 10-20%
・ Women ‥ 20-30% 

2. When building muscle and gaining weight

  • Gain muscle with

muscle training and gain weight If you gain muscle with muscle training, you will naturally gain weightMoreover, by the time the muscle training is effective for the first time, the trained part will be tightened first.

Therefore, even if the weight does not change much, it looks rather thinYou won’t gain weight at this stage, but you’re good at the beginning.

However, if a person who is not fat originally does only muscle training, it will gradually follow even if it is difficult to build muscle, but as mentioned above, it will be tightened at the beginning, so muscle training alone cannot be expected to have a sufficient effect.

  • food and supplements

If you want to increase the body weight, balance and increase only muscle becomes worse because muscles fat also both increase it’s a good idea.

In that case, in addition to considering the nutritional balance of the diet, we also have to increase the amount.

Since muscles require a lot of energy for dinner on the day of muscle training, eat a lot of meat, eggs, fish, etc. that contain a lot of protein.

I don’t think it’s difficult to increase fat. People who do not gain weight should be able to gain weight a little if they eat more oil and meat in their diet.

* About
kintore When you do kintore, you do not do kintore every day because the two to three days are used for the period of supercompensation for muscle rest and expansion .

Also, you don’t have to train hard. What you can do at home is enough.

The trick is to continue muscle training at your own pace while enjoying watching your favorite TV programs and videos.

Example) Muscle training menu
, abdominal muscles 50 to 100 times
, back muscles 70 to 140 times
, push-ups 30 to 50 times
, squats 50 to 100 times 

 For those who find it difficult to supplement nutrition with food alone, it costs money, but it is better to supplement protein with protein and vitamins with vitaminsZinc and iron can also be taken as supplements.

3. Summary

People who want to gain weight have different types of worries than those who want to lose weight.

I think that some people have long been thin and are not good at increasing the amount of food they eat.

However, if you continue to increase the amount happily by sharing a place to eat together with the cooperation of not only yourself but also the people around you, I think that the results will gradually come out, so do your best. I want it.


Until the end Thank you for reading.

We hope that you can use the methods in this article to help you get a body shape that is as close to your ideal as possible and have a positive impact on your life.

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