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How to vote #india You can vote only if your name appears in the Voter List (also known as Electoral Roll). Voters can also find information on how to vote #india Polling Booths, Contesting candidates, Election Dates & Timings, Identity cards, and EVM.

How To Vote #India Full Info
How To Vote

India ends the world’s largest votersHow to vote #india

Election Commission transports ballot boxes on elephants and sets up booths for even a single voter to encourage participation in the “Festival of Democracy”

India ran the world’s largest and most complex general election to choose 543 representatives from the Lok Sabha, the House of Representatives. The election covers 879 million voters – six times more than in Brazil – who speak at least 16 local languages. 

It also involves the use of elephants, camels, and mules to make electronic ballot boxes reach the country’s deeps, as well as the list of signs, such as flowers and animals, for the illiterate to identify the preferred parties. 

From its result, scheduled for the 23rd, the next prime minister of this parliamentary republic will come out, considered the largest democracy in the world both in terms of voters and in the care that each one of them has guaranteed participation. 

The election, for this, is divided into six stages, in an accurate and complex logistics.

Despite the population’s high illiteracy rate (around 25%), at least two-thirds of Indian voters tend to turn out to the polls, more than the average in many developed countries. In the United States, for example, 41 percent of voting-age citizens did not vote for president in the 2016 election, which brought Donald Trump to the White House.

The logistics behind the success of this general election, called in the country the “Festival of Democracy”, demands the second-largest budget among the votes in the world, of 5 billion dollars, and at least 11 million employees of the Electoral Commission ( CEC).

The body is responsible for ensuring that each voter has access to a ballot box within a radius of up to two kilometers from their home, as required by Indian law. To do this, its employees walk for hours in deserts, jungles, and glaciers and even cross an ocean.

Even a man living alone in the remote Gir Forest in Gujarat state had his own polling station, with an electronic ballot box. With the lack of roads in several regions of the country, commissioners even carry voting equipment on their own backs or mounted on donkeys, elephants, and camels.

With these exceptions, most electoral zones in the country serve between 900 and 1,000 people. In large cities, a maximum of 1,400 votes are held per cabin, and in rural areas, 1,200.

Early voting systemHow to vote #india

In principle, elections are conducted at the voting center on the election date (voting date) (this is called the voting day voting principle), but the early voting system allows even before the election date. It is a mechanism that allows you to vote in the same way as the election date (that is, you can put the voting paper directly into the voting box).

Eligible votes

Voting conducted in the municipality where the electoral list is registered is eligible.


Those who are expected to fall under certain reasons such as work, travel, leisure, ceremonial occasions, etc. on the election date. When voting, select one of the reasons listed in the oath that applies to you.

Voting period

It is between the day after the public announcement date or the notification date of the election date and the day before the election date. 

Voting place

It is an “early voting place” that is set up at least one power station in each municipality.*

Voting time

It is from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. 

Voting procedure

Early voting is a definite vote, just like voting at a polling place on an election date, so the basic procedure is the same as voting at a polling place on an election date.

Time to certify voting rights

Whether or not you have the right to vote is recognized on the day of early voting, which allows you to put ballots directly into the ballot box even before the election date. Therefore, even if you lose your right to vote due to reasons such as relocation to another municipality or death after voting before the deadline, it will be treated as a valid vote.

If there are multiple early voting stations, the voting period and voting time may differ between the early voting stations.
In addition, due to the revision in April 2016, it is now possible to move the start time to 2 hours or the end time to 2 hours.

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