4 ways to improve your concentration

In this article, we will introduce “Understanding from research papers! 4 ways to improve concentration”.

improve your concentration

The important keyword to improve the quality of study is “concentration”

A 2015 Microsoft study found that human concentration lasts only 8 seconds. It is said that the concentration of people, which was 12 seconds in the 2000 experiment, is decreasing year by year, and the background is the information overload in modern society.

In other words, if you control the information around you and create an environment where you can concentrate more, the quality of your work should improve naturally. This time, I would like to introduce four ways to improve concentration based on various research papers.
Creating an environment that enhances concentration
Creating an environment is the first step in improving the quality of concentration in study and work.

Noise is one of the causes that reduce human concentration. Just as exams and lessons are held in a quiet environment, it is difficult for people to concentrate in a noisy environment.

According to a paper published in 2010, the most disturbing type of sound is noise, which contains linguistic information such as conversational sounds. In other words, we can see that the voice of a person has the most negative effect on learning efficiency.

If you want to focus more and study or work, choose a quiet environment with less voice. When working in a noisy place, one of the means is to use earplugs to block the sound.

However, the paper suggests that the effects of noise are more susceptible to output than to input.

In other words, even if you study in a quiet environment, you may not be able to demonstrate your abilities in a noisy classroom or examination venue. Practice your output in a noisy place such as a cafe so that you can fully demonstrate your abilities in the actual performance.

Breakfast that creates a concentration

And Consumes Working Studying The Energy Of The Body Like Exercise. For Example, The Calorie Consumption For 30 Minutes Of Study Is About 22Kcal To 27Kcal. 20Kcal Is Comparable To The Consumption Of A Woman Doing Light Exercise At Home For 10 Minutes.

(Reference: CLUB Panasonic Diet Navi Exercise Calories burned for exercise/life activities Study: Take notes, have discussions, etc.)

Breakfast Thoroughly To Eat Stay Focused For As Long As A Second. Many People May Feel Uncomfortable If They Are Busy Skipping Breakfast Or Eating Breakfast, But The Duration Of One Day’S Concentration Can Vary Greatly Depending On Whether Or Not They Have Breakfast. ..

According to data released by Otsuka Pharmaceutical in 2008, people who ate breakfast properly are more likely to feel tired in the morning, concentrate on work, and perform mental arithmetic work more efficiently than those who skip breakfast ..
.Especially rice balls, from breakfast of only carbohydrates such as bread only, those of the person who took the breakfast protein and lipid-containing the higher the concentration in the results.

On days when you want to improve your concentration, try a well-balanced breakfast with proteins such as eggs, bacon, and fish, butter and oils that contain fat, and salads that are rich in vitamins.

Drinks that keep you focused

It is inevitable for everyone to spend a lot of time studying and losing concentration at work. What drinks do readers drink to stay focused?

There are different tastes such as refreshing carbonated drinks and nutritional vegetable juices, but most people think of caffeine-containing coffee and energy drinks.

As you all know, caffeine has the effect of awakening drowsiness and awakening the brain. So do coffee and energy drinks really affect your concentration?

According to the paper published in 2016, the college students did not take the coffee towards the college students who took the coffee is good grades in an experiment to store the word will not leave. He also had an excellent ability to make related inferences that not only memorize words but also output related matters.

For example, coffee caffeine can work well not only for simple tasks such as memorizing English words but also for complex tasks such as constructing and reading grammar.

However, what you should pay attention to here is the amount of caffeine intake.

The paper points out that high caffeine intake can over-excite the body and worsen working memory. This means that drinks that contain too much caffeine, such as energy drinks, maybe counterproductive to your concentration.

Caffeine keeps you focused, but be careful not to overdose.

Music to rest your focused brain

It is also important to take frequent breaks during the period when you have to study and work hard. At the same time as improving your concentration, try to get a good rest for your concentrated brain.

Music is one of the items that frees you from studying and working. Have you ever felt calm when you listened to the sound of a music box and naturally became sleepy, or when you listened to healing music using the sound of rain and the murmuring of a river?

Music is an effective break item that automatically rests your body just by listening.

According to a 2013 paper, among those who took a break while listening to classical music between work and those who took a break without listening, those who listened to music during the Break Also Did The Work After The Break. We Know That We Were Able To Maintain Our Concentration And Work Comfortably And Comfortably.

In addition, in the same paper between work alone worker of tension and fatigue take a 10-minute break relaxation has been found that.

Studying for long-term exams and preparing for large projects can cause stress both physically and mentally. Take frequent breaks and rest your brain and body once with an item called music.


To improve your concentration, have a good breakfast, eat moderate caffeine in a quiet environment, and work with frequent breaks. Also, if you dare to work in a noisy environment in anticipation of the day of the test or presentation, you will be confident that you will be able to demonstrate your abilities in any situation.

For exams and projects that are expected to last for a long time, it is a good idea to prepare a shelter for mentally difficult times such as relaxing music, videos, and cafes.

Let’s improve your concentration by controlling the on / off of your concentration based on these 4 points!

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