Is it the most persistent in the world? Is the best one in the world? How to get along well with Indians


Is it the most persistent in the world? Is the best one in the world? How to get along well with Indians

A real report of “local departure” delivered by the wife of the transferring family (abbreviated as transfer wife), this time the public relations department and overseas member sayoko of “TKT48” living in India, this time about the national character and how to associate with Indians We will deliver.

The image of Indians that people have

Many Indians have the impression that they are “smart”, “can multiply by double digits”, and “strong in numbers” due to the image of an IT powerhouse these days. About 10 years ago, the calculation drill of “Indian math” became a hit in Japan, and Indians and Westerners of Indian descent became listed as executives of world-famous IT companies. I feel that the number of people who have the impression that “Indians are smart” has increased.

On the other hand, there are many people who envision an Indian image that can be called the original stereotype, such as “trying to deceive people,” “persistent,” and “liar.” At a place where tourists gather or at a souvenir shop at the airport, if you are a foreigner, you can step into the shop and talk to them at the same time, and step into this side of Guigui.

Which is the true Indian figure?

Originally no good. I said the winning Indian

Most of the Indians, who can be called “superclass”, have moved to Europe and the United States before their parents’ generation, or have been blessed with ample educational opportunities from an early age and are from wealthy people who have the financial resources to study abroad. Most of the time there is. Seeing them, I think the image that “Indians are smart” is planted.

On the other hand, the number of Indians working in offices is said to be less than 10% of the total population, although the number is increasing, and the majority of the population is low-income or poor. Most of them are engaged in hospitality, street sales and private dining, drivers, domestic work, and even more demanding physical and cleaning work.

Although it is a super-disparity society, it has a common Indian aspect … It has a personality that can be said to be their strength, such as “strong assertiveness” and “try to say even if it is not good”.

It seems that the souvenir shop recommends it without permission, like “I’ll just say it for the time being, and I’m lucky if it sells even if it doesn’t work.” Even executives of well-known companies are said to take the approach of trying to speak out first, advocating goals first, regardless of whether or not they can do it, and devising measures later. It can be said that it is the exact opposite of the Japanese who are careful and careful, but it is a world of victory. Although the ranks are different, it is just one word, “Indians are Indians.”

At the cafe, I myself suddenly get asked “I want you to share your notebook” and “I want you to change seats”. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was lucky to respond to them, and I would just insist on them, regardless of whether or not I would respond.

As an aside, the bargaining between “Indian clerk who talks about bad things” and “Indian customers who have strong self-assertion” is also interesting from the perspective, and it is a learning experience for interaction.

Business with Indians

Even if it’s sightseeing, the story changes when it comes to working with Indians on a daily basis.

Since the national character is very different from that of Japanese people, I often hear people who are worried about how to deal with Indian colleagues and Indian employees of business partners rather than the work content at the beginning of their assignment.

① Do not apologize

Never apologize for your own mistakes, hate apologies to business partners, etc.

(2)Other Country-style methods do not work even for those companies

When the time comes, I go home even during urgent work, I hate overtime, I go out without permission, etc.

③ Do not keep time (date)

Being late for about 5 to 15 minutes is a daily occurrence, and the delivery date is not met, etc.

In addition, there are cases in which people pretend that they can do what they cannot do, procrastinate with an appropriate reply, and become less motivated by knowing the treatment and salary of expatriates. In addition, it is not uncommon for Japanese companies to quit early after joining the company because they are disgusted by the company-centered lifestyle of Japanese companies.

In particular, if the business partner is also a Japanese company, there is a tendency to be asked for a “Japanese response” even in India. When Indians or Indian companies are involved in the agency or vendor in between, it is not uncommon for mistakes to be made due to reply or delay in delivery.

However, since it is a Japanese employee who responds, there are cases where business partners blame me severely, I continue to be caught between Indians, I endure mentally, and I have to return home unavoidably. Is not uncommon.

Although there are some people who are suitable or unsuitable for being assigned to India depending on their personality, it can be said that there is an urgent need to develop detailed mental care on the head office side as long as employees are sent to a harsh environment.

Are there Indians?

In addition, we will introduce characters that are unique to Indians.

・ I love sharing

・ Strong self-affirmation

・ Feel free to talk to anyone

・ Actually, raising aesthetic awareness

Among them, the one that was initially confusing was “One Minute”.

When you make an inquiry at a store, it is called “One Minute”. This does not mean “wait for a minute”, but “wait for a moment”.

Still … I love gentle Indians

Very kind to children, even strangers waving their hands with a smile, throwing kisses, and willingly take over when the airplane seats leave the family, especially for me with small children It’s all about being saved by the kindness of Indians.

Even when you don’t have children, if you don’t have a seat at the cafe, they will force you to take a seat, and when you leave your seat, they will smile and say “have a nice day”. I am spending my days impressed by the positive warmth of Indians.

“I won’t lie, I just don’t want to disappoint the other person by saying I don’t know!’ And’I can’t!'” Laughs and tries to enjoy the place. I don’t hate such Indians, and I think I can live in India because I feel comfortable.

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