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What is a blog? how to make money from AdSense
What is a blog


A blog is a simple website that is easy to update. Even if you are a beginner for the first time, it is completely free and easy to create.
You don’t need to know specialized HTML or CSS, just enter an article and post it, and you can easily send information.
Spell out today’s events at will, introduce club activities, upload images of pets, and so on.
The blog is updated daily for various purposes.
There are many rental services that allow you to create blogs for free, and anyone from entertainers to personal diaries can easily enjoy it.


What blogging means?

The blog is an opinion on your thoughts and social events, commentary for the things, other Web sites to publish such information on the Web site is that of. Initially, it was used on personal websites, but recently it has been increasingly used by companies to disclose their Own Information And Their Information On New Products And Services. Basically, The Blog Uses The Technology To Publish The Homepage As It Is, So The Viewer Can See It Only With A Normal Web Browser.

The term blog is said to be derived from “Weblog” (meaning homepage history). And the person who sends information on blog is called a blogger. In addition, the blog world, not mean that the unit has been clearly been decided on how to use, the home page you are adding information to the diary also blog might include in What blogging means?

In addition, many blogs allow you to add “comments” to the information you write. Commenting is a technology similar to that of conventional electronic bulletin boardsbut it allows viewers to write their opinions and additional information for each piece of information registered on the blogWhat blogging means is this comment function, the blog can also be used for the purpose of discussing the information and opinions sent, and it is being used as a place for new communication.

On the other hand, in recent blogsthere are many cases where a mechanism called affiliate, in which the person who writes the blog receives a reward by introducing a certain company or its product, has been introduced. In such a case, when obtaining. information from blog, it is necessary for the reader to judge the credibility of the content without taking the written

 information as it is.

how to create a free blog 

You’ll need a Google account to create a blog on Blogger.
A Google account is a Gmail account.

So if you already have a Gmail account, you can skip here and move on to the next step.
Now let’s actually create a blog with Blogger. Go to

Blogger and press the “Create Blog” button.
You will be asked to log in, so log in with the Gmail account you created earlier.
When you switch to the Welcome to Blogger page, check the profile you publish on Blogger.
Choose between a Google+ profile or a Blogger profile.
This time I’ve selected a Blogger profile.
If you choose a Blogger profile, you’ll need to decide on a name to publish on Blogger, so let’s decide.
When ‘Re Done Entering Your Name, Press The “Go To Blogger” Button.

What is a blog and how it works?

 In the past homepages, when adding new information, the HTML file of the web page to be changed on your computer was edited and published. On the other hand, in the blog , you can automatically add information like a diary just by registering new information on the website for administrators on the Internet.

  By adopting such technology, it is possible to easily build a website that publishes information without knowing HTML files or how to use homepage creation software, so a new user group can blog. I came to use.

How to write a blog post

The most important thing in writing a blog
Point (1): Being from the reader’s perspective
Points before writing a blog
Point (2): Decide the target of the article to write
Point ③: Determine the goal to be achieved in the article you write
Point ④: Select a keyword that captures your needs (skip OK)
Point ⑤: Create an article title that includes keywords (skip OK)
Point ⑥: The composition is decided before writing the article
Point ⑦: The order of composition is conclusion → reason is recommended
Points on how to write the blog text
Point ⑧: Rewrite the lead sentence at the end
Point ⑨: Write concisely
Point ⑩: Do not use difficult expressions as much as possible
Point ⑪: Include keywords in headlines and text (skip OK)
Point ⑫: Devise the ratio of hiragana, katakana, and kanji
Point ⑬: Unify the ending with “desu/masu” style
Point ⑭: There are many other writing tips
What to do after writing the blog text
Point ⑮: Let it sleep overnight and read it back

How many posts write for Adsense approval

It is generally said that the number of characters is 1000 characters or more per article, but you do not need to think too much about it.
The important thing is to convey useful information to the reader, so if the content is sufficient for the reader, the number of characters will be reasonable.
First of all, write an article that is solid and satisfying with the reader in mind rather than the number of characters.
Also, although it is generally said that the number of articles is 25 or more, my friend passed the examination with 22 articles.
It’s more important to write articles that your readers need than the number of articles. Let’s write an article that is conscious of the reader.

Best Niches for blogging

Here are 25 different trend niches. Hopefully, these point you in the direction of your own personal best niche for blogging:
  • Drone
  • LED lighting
  • Smartphone / wearable accessories
  • Home automation
  • retirement
  • small house
  • video game
  • TV and pop culture
  • WordPress
  • Career advice
  • Frugality
  • YouTube
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Freelance design
  • Airbnb rental tips
  • photography
  • E-commerce
  • Learn musical instruments
  • Arts and crafts
  • Interior decoration
  • Mom/Parenting
  • Financial independence
  • 3D printing
  • Online dating
  • Web development
Keep in mind that these are just the starting points.
Both of these can be further refined by your target audience or combined with other niches to create more manageable topics. There is a big difference between a blog that provides YouTube tips for makeup bloggers and a YouTube tip for niche website owners.
Take the time in advance to define your niche, and subsequent keyword research will be much more focused.

What is AdSense and how it works?

The affiliates I have explained so far have been a mechanism to earn profits by purchasing the products introduced on the site and contracts, but when operating the site, another advertising method that I want to keep in mind is “Adsense” “is.
Adsense is called “pay-per-click advertising” and is a system that generates revenue when people who visit the site click on the advertisement.
It doesn’t matter if the person who clicked actually purchased the product in the advertisement, so it is characterized by a lower hurdle for monetization than affiliates.
Affiliates are provided by various businesses such as Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, and, but only Google provides Adsense.
Therefore, you can think of Adsense as Google AdSense.
In Google AdSense, the mechanism for generating revenue is completely different from affiliates.
First, site administrators can’t choose the content of their ads themselves.
Only the type (text or banner) and size of the ad can be specified, and the content of the ad is automatically determined according to the description of the page on which it is posted and the visitor’s past browsing history.
Therefore, the cost-per-click for ads varies.
Depending on the content of the article, it is not uncommon for only ads with low cost-per-click to be displayed and revenue to be sluggish, or conversely, for ads with high cost-per-click to enter, revenue suddenly increase.
With Google AdSense, site admins need to focus on choosing the size of their ads and where to place them on the page.
Since Adsense rewards visitors when they click on an ad, it is effective to place a large-sized ad in a place where the visitor can easily move the cursor or touch it.

How to get Adsense approval

Google Adsense is the standard advertising service to be posted on blogs, but did you pass the screening?

This time, I have summarized my experience and the results of my research on the Google Adsense review.

If the blog article is unique, it will be easier to pass the examination.

On the contrary, if it is not unique, it will be difficult to pass the examination.

If the content is similar to other articles, it does not need to exist as a new article.

Even if the content of your article is the same, let’s make it content that only you can write by adding your own experiences, experiences, knowledge, etc.

In addition, it may be easier to understand the explanation by explaining it from a different perspective than other articles. This kind of content is also an article with uniqueness.

And since articles that show your taste are interesting for readers to read, let’s create articles that make the most of their taste.

This time, I explained in detail the Google Adsense review information.

When applying for the Google Adsense review, check the following items for any deficiencies.

・ Contents (answering worries and questions, uniqueness, readability)

・ Description of operator information

· Inquiry form

・ Privacy policy

If the following content is included, delete it.

・ Copy content

・ Inappropriate content 

・ Images that conflict with copyright

Since the Google Adsense screening standards are becoming stricter year by year, it is important to check prohibited items and enrich the content.

how to make money from AdSense

The trick to earning with Google AdSense is simple, just increase the PV of your site.
For affiliates, even if the PV of the site is low, if the CV (conversion), that is, the rate of reaching the final result is high, the profit will increase, but in the case of Adsense, the increase or decrease of the profit will be almost exactly proportional to the PV …
In addition, Google AdSense automatically optimizes the content of the advertisement according to the visitor, so it has almost no effect on the profit, even if the person of what attribute came from which route, that is, the quality of the visitor.
Therefore, the site that is suitable for Adsense is a site with a lot of PV anyway.
This PV can be inflow from search engines such as Google or from SNS such as Twitter and Instagram.
The more PVs you have, the more clicks your ad will have, and the more revenue you’ll earn accordingly.
In the case of affiliates, specialized sites limited to specific themes were significantly in encouraging product purchases, but Adsense will be able to efficiently monetize even miscellaneous sites with dispersed topics.
Another advantage of Adsense is that it’s easy to monetize even small sites. Even if you are a fledgling site with only a few hundred to a few thousand monthly PVs, you will definitely generate revenue.
However, since the average cost per click is around 20 to 30 yen, the revenue is about several hundred yen for a site of that scale, but as the PV increases, the revenue will increase accordingly, so it is developing. It will be a great motivation to update your site.
On the other hand, the disadvantage is that after the site grows to a certain size or larger, it will be difficult for profits to grow as PV peaks.
This is clear from the distribution of PV, and there are many sites with around 10,000 PV per month, but the number is limited when it comes to 100,000 PV, and very few sites reach 300,000 PV or more.
However, with Google AdSense, it is difficult to make a profit commensurate with its rarity.
As I will explain in detail later in the article, even if the site gets 300,000 PV a month, Google AdSense will not make 200,000 yen.
For this reason, Google AdSense needs to be well-designed.
Let’s grasp the strengths and use them well.

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