Accelerate thinning speed! Morning diet where fat burns mellow

Morning diet: “Exercise” is indispensable for getting the ideal body, but few people care about the “time zone” when they move their body. But did you know that there is actually the best time to go on a diet? 

Women’s true intention is to go that’s why I asked Noriko Nishimura, an athletic trainer certified by the Japan Sports Association, to tell me about the optimal time zone for dieting and how to improve efficiency.

Morning diet
Morning diet

Morning to burn fat! Why do you recommend a morning diet?

“Fat is always burning, but it’s especially flammable when the sympathetic nerves are active. When the sympathetic nerves dominate, the effects of substances such as increased heart rate and dilating blood vessels from the muscles.

By activating the sympathetic nerves, you can spend the whole day with a high basal metabolism, which leads to an increase in calories burned. It is recommended to use the morning as a diet time because the brain also wakes up sharply. World “

Morning exercise that makes fat easier to burn and burns more calories. On the contrary, Mr. Nishimura says, “Exercise at night gets excited and makes it difficult to fall asleep, so it is better to refrain from strenuous exercise and spend a relaxing time by stretching. “

Great for a morning diet! Easy workouts for exercise professionals

I understand that diet and morning go well, but I think there are many women who don’t have the energy or time to exercise from the morning.

but it’s okay! According to Mr. Nishimura, ” Because the purpose is to increase basal metabolism and increase the amount of activity as much as possible, it is enough to be able to do it at home without strenuous exercise .

” I would like to introduce a recommended exercise in the morning that Mr. Nishimura also does on a regular basis.

Raise and lower your toes while brushing your teeth

“The calf is a part that is so involved in blood circulation that it is called the” second heart. “Since it has a pumping action, just by stimulating the calf, blood flow increases and it works on the sympathetic nerves. If you don’t have one, you can start about 10 times. “

Squats before changing into clothes

“Although it’s sober, its benefits are so high that it’s called the” King of Exercise “. It moves your abdomen, back, legs, buttocks, and big muscles all at once, so you get enough activity. Not only will the effect of burning fat increase, but it can also be expected to correct posture and raise the hips. “

The form is important for squats! Please refer to the squat method explained by Mr. Nishimura.
“Improves basal metabolism! Correct squat method”

On the day when “I couldn’t exercise at home today …”, it is recommended to go on a “diet while commuting” by using the stairs at the station or walking fast.

If you want to burn fat, eat it! Deep relationship between diet and breakfast

Breakfast is “as important as exercise” for a successful morning diet.

“It’s okay if you raise and lower your toes, but it’s not recommended to exercise without drinking and eating as soon as you wake up. While you’re sleeping, your body and brain are running out of energy. Drink water and eat something that that can quickly turn into energy, such as bananas or jellies that fill your stomach. “

And, as a breakfast after exercise, Mr. Nishimura recommends “food containing protein”.

“Protein is a component that is the basis of everything that makes up our body, including muscles and blood, organs, hair and skin, and nails. It becomes especially important for people who have exercise habits. After exercise. The muscle cells are damaged. . It is good to actively eat protein-containing foods to repair it. “

Specifically, protein-rich foods include meat, fish, natto, eggs, cheese, miso soup, and tofu. There is also a method called “drinking a protein drink” as an easy way to supplement protein, but please wait a moment.

 Diet Has The Benefit Also Of Burning Fat. Since It Also Has A Role Of Consuming Energy By Chewing And Eating Well, Which Is Called “Meal-Induced Heat Production”, Solid Matter Is Desirable To Improve The Effect Of The Morning Diet.

Breakfast acts like a switch that awakens the body and brain and stimulates the sympathetic nerves. Not only is it not good for your health if you exercise without an energy source, but you will not be able to maximize the effect of your diet, so make sure to do your morning diet as a “breakfast and exercise set” !

Tips for making a morning diet a habit

Nishimura says that the most important thing in a diet is to “continue.” However, “continuation” is the most difficult part of dieting and the fact … What should I do to avoid becoming a three-day priest?

Incorporated into part of the “life, I think that most of the tricks is resulting in a habit. As introduced in the place of simple work out, such as wholesale under raising the toe while toothpaste, in a” while “If you do it, You Should Be Able To Continue Without Difficulty.

Another Way Is To Declare It To Others. Recently, There Is SNS, So If You Take A Picture Of Your Exercise Or Breakfast Every Morning And Have Your Friends See It, You Can Continue. I think it will be motivating. “

The fat-burning effect is enhanced, and your body and head are awakened and refreshed! And a good morning diet. Why don’t you start your morning diet even a little from tomorrow?

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