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movie trading company
movie trading company

What kind of things does a film marketing company have?

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Where is the planetary movie trading company?

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Can you trade VHS movies for a movie trading company?

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Where can I watch old movies online?

The end of local video stores can make it hard to find the classic you want to watch today. Sure, if it’s on Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, etc., you can always find it online, but always, the movie I wish to see is still a few days away from posting.

Hulen Film Trading Company in Fort Worth, TX with updates

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Behind the movie trading company rebirth

movie trading company: It was none other than Nagasawa himself who first noticed that there was a change in the performance of the company, which was gaining the momentum of record-high profits. In 2007, the first year of the deficit for the third consecutive term, Nagasawa returned to The head office for the first time in two years from the Kansai branch office and became the head of the corporate planning group, which looks at the performance figures of the entire company. Looking back on the performance of the past few months, I noticed that a section was still under budget.

“The movie business is a business in which the numbers change greatly depending on the hits and misses of each work, but there are signs of market changes as well as hits and misses. Especially in the packaging market (*), it clearly peaks. There was no doubt that there were signs of out. “

  • In the movie industry, in addition to theater revenue, secondary revenue such as broadcasting rights and sales of goods will be generated. The packaging market is one of them and refers to the sales and rental market for DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Since 2006, the market size has been getting smaller year by year.

However, even if he advises the management at that time about that concern, he is dismissed.

“The company has taken an expansion path against the shareholders of the good performance up to the previous year. I think that the advice to the management was not accepted, but at the same time, I communicated the situation to the management department of Sumitomo Corporation, which I am a shareholder and I am in charge of, and shared a sense of crisis in advance. Rice field “

When I opened the lid, Nagasawa’s reading became a reality. 200 million deficit in 2007. After that, the deficit expanded to 1.2 billion in 2008 and 1.6 billion in 2009, and the management team felt a sense of crisis (after that, in 2010) , one of the major shareholders withdrew their investment and held all the shares. Is bought by Sumitomo Corporation).

As the liquidation of the company is becoming a reality, the movement toward rebuilding begins. In July 2009, just before the insolvency, with the cooperation of Sumitomo Corporation, a rehabilitation project team was set up in-house, and Nagasawa was to organize the project as the secretary-general.

Wasn’t there any friction between the seconded members, so to speak, outsiders, and Nagasawa, who has a place to return even if the company is liquidated, to lead the project that decides the survival of the company?

“I didn’t feel any friction. It’s been nine years since I was seconded to them, and I’ve been sweating the same way since I was an employee who didn’t have a job title with them. I feel like I’m a comrade who is worried about the crisis. I could say things from the same perspective. “

When a trading company man is seconded to a subsidiary, he often joins as a position involved in management. If Nagasawa had been seconded in that position, the situation might have been different. Against the background of this relationship of trust, all the members who challenged the project had a strong bond and determination.

“When we revived the company, we were considering reducing the number of employees to cut costs. However, it is also true that I was wondering if I would really start hiring. I have been wondering about this point many times with project members. I talked angry. I might have to ask my colleagues to quit. When I asked if I was really prepared to do that, I said, “If the company doesn’t survive, everyone will lose their jobs. First Should prioritize business continuity, and to do so, they must make difficult decisions and are prepared to be in a difficult position. ”They also expressed their unwavering determination.”

movie trading company: Sumitomo Corporation trusted Nagasawa and the on-site members’ determination and supported the revitalization project for business continuity. The spirit of Sumitomo Corporation also inspired Nagasawa.

Four promises to build a more stable management system
As a result of the on-site employees working together to implement rehabilitation plans such as business reforms and cost cuts, the company returned to profitability for the first time in four years in 2010. After that, although it returned to the red in 2011, It has been stable in the black since joining the Jupiter Telecommunications (J: COM) group in 2012. Nagasawa himself has been appointed as the representative director since 2012.

After the financial crisis, he realized that sustainable growth was necessary for business continuity, and when he took office as CEO, he presented four commitments to employees.

“The first is to establish a profit base. The second is to establish the living base of employees. The third is to achieve the management expectations of shareholders. The fourth is to thoroughly change the mindset of all employees.”

Entertainment, a group company of J: COM, to stabilize the profit base of the company, and all AA employees were listed companies at that time, J: COM. The company was transferred To Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd., and reforms were implemented in rapid successions, such as establishing a living foundation for employees. In addition, the revitalization plan has been on track for the current performance, and the results have exceeded the management expectations required by shareholders.

In his first year as CEO, three of the four commitments were cleared, but the most difficult was the fourth change of mindset.

“If each employee does not feel the changes in the market and make it an ever-evolving organization, we will not know when we will fall into a business crisis again. Joining the J: COM group means not only the numbers of our own company but also, J: COM is also required to contribute to the growth of the entire group. As before, it is not enough to concentrate solely on your own business, but think about the meaning of being in the group. Is needed “

For example, in the past, AA only sold content such as movies produced in-house to the outside, but now it also serves as a content procurement window for the J: COM Group’s broadcasting and distribution services.

“In the past, I was only trying to sell to the person who bought it under the best conditions, but now it is different. If I can put out a powerful work that other companies do not have in the distribution service within the group, This is because the sales of the entire group will increase. Even if the conditions are a little inferior to selling outside, it may be better to give priority to providing works within the group.

However, it didn’t work out as soon as all employees became accustomed to such changes. Nagasawa himself has been praising on-site employees who work as if they were independent companies.

“I often overturned transactions that reported that on-site employees sold well to other companies because they lacked the perspective of group consolidation. After many such exchanges, employees are now aware of them. I feel that it has changed a lot.”

Nagasawa changed his consciousness from a business perspective that is typical of a trading company man. AA led by Nagasawa plays a large role in Sumitomo Corporation, which is said to be strong in the media business among general trading companies. How will this rare company, which has both a professional perspective that can only be obtained in the movie industry and a perspective as a general trading company that cannot be found only in the movie industry, change in the future?

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