OK ​​Google! How to set up and use the Google Assistant

 The voice search commercial that says “OK Google” has become quite familiar. Many people may have been embarrassed at first to talk to their mobile devices, but nowadays many people use voice search on a daily basis.

"OK ​​Google"! How to set up and use the Google Assistant
Oik Google

Ok Google Assistant initial settings

To use Google voice search, you must first change the settings. For Android smartphones and tablets, follow the steps below.


First, open the Google app and tap the “Other” icon at the bottom right.

Select “Voice” on the “Settings” screen and tap “Voice Match”.

After turning on “Ok Google” and registering your own voice, the setting is complete.

What if it is not recognized well? Let’s register the voice model _ Ok Google

If the voice is not recognized even with the above settings, or if you want to improve the recognition accuracy, register the voice model.

From the “Voice Match” setting earlier, tap “Recognize voice model”.

All you have to do is follow the steps to register your audio.

Useful at such times! How to use Google Assistant

So how can you actually use it?

I think many people use voice search when they can’t take their hands off or when it’s a hassle to type. Or maybe there are people like commercials who are asking for recommended spots or looking up routes to their destinations.


But Google’s voice assistant isn’t just about “search.” You can also launch apps, make phone calls, set timers, alarms, and reminders. Let’s look at some examples.

① Voice search

"OK ​​Google"! How to set up and use the Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Voice search, which is the basis of the basics.

If you add the word you want to look up after “OK ​​Google”, Google’s search results will be displayed, but that’s not all. For example, it also answers the following questions.


  •  Check the weather: “What is the weather tomorrow?”
  •  Find out the time: “What time is Britain now?”
  •  Find out the meaning of a word: “What is tapioca?”
  •  Please calculate: “What about 29,800 + 3,750?”

② Route to the destination and surrounding information

Next to various searches, the search linked to “location” is also a major. There are more opportunities to see people in the city asking for a route to their destination by pulling their smartphones to their mouths.


  •  Find the route to your destination: “I want to go to Sensoji Temple”
  •  Check traffic conditions: “Tell me about traffic conditions to Nikko”
  •  Find a store near you: “Is there a convenience store nearby?”
  •  Find out recommended spots: “What are the recommended spots in Harajuku?”

③ Launch/contact the app

In addition, operations such as launching apps are also possible by voice. You can even send a simple message by email.


  •  Launch App: “Launch Starbucks App”
  •  Make a call: “I want to call Mr. XX”
  •  Send an email: “I want to send an email to Mr. XX, the message is ~~”


④ Manage the schedule

You can also add appointments to the calendar and set reminders. It is convenient because you can set alarms and timers in a word or two.


  •  Set alarm: “Set alarm at 12 o’clock”
  •  Set timer: “Please give me a 30-minute timer”
  •  Set Reminder: “Set Reminder, Thursday, Garbage Disposal”
  •  Register schedule: “Schedule registration, March 1, meeting”

[Summary] Voice assistant is a reliable and convenient existence

That’s all for Google’s voice assistant.


As I wrote at the beginning, I think that the chances of seeing people using voice assistants in the city have increased recently. I myself am a person who is always indebted to me, such as asking for a search when my hands are full, launching a map, and having a timer measure the time.


The accuracy of voice recognition has also improved dramatically, and it is possible to write small sentences faster than using the flick input of a computer keyboard or smartphone. Even if you say “I don’t have a problem with hand-made … “, please try it once. I’m sure you’ll be surprised!

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