The Secret Of Instagram Caption, Increase Likes, Comments And Reach

 For business owners, the size of Instagram’s reach can no longer be ignored. Instagram is a fast-growing social platform with over 1 billion active users as of 2019. The momentum does not know to stay.

Everyone already, in-Star Grams or for business IGTV (English) to feed, post and nice photos and videos (English) I think that it is. However, if you don’t pay proper attention to the advertising phrases used there, especially the “captions,” you can miss out on important opportunities. A caption is a descriptive text attached to the image you post.

Instagram captions are expected to contribute to the business, including:

  • To earn more in-Star grams of followers (English)
  • Improve sales

The visually appealing Instagram slows down the user’s scrolling speed and keeps the user’s eyes on the beautiful posts. On the other hand, well-thought-out captions cleverly make up for the tedious work of marketing and sales.

What is a good Instagram caption?

    Convincing captions that help you get a lot of engagement are key to Instagram’s algorithms. After seeing the powerful tagline captions that shape your brand’s story and personality, your followers will want to buy what you sell. In short, Instagram captions increase your brand’s chances of success on social media, which in turn improves profitability.

    Recently Inn Star grams of the algorithm is the update, engagement rate is high user contributions, to feed the screen are now more and more presented (in other words, “get to see”). This metric looks at the number of comments your account receives and whether they are responding properly. This means that simply having a large number of followers does not guarantee that your post will be visible. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true.

    Earlier this year, Instagram said about the algorithm’s capabilities: “What you see at the top of your feed is the type of post or account you’re most engaged with, the timeliness of your posts, how often you use Instagram, and the number of followers. that determining “by a factor of announced a description (English) .

    What do you think this means? First, what you see at the top of your Instagram feed is based on your own activity. As a result, businesses need to get the user’s attention and spend a few seconds posting, encouraging engagement such as likes, comments, and posting sharing. (I’ll explain how to use captions to guide these actions later.)

    We talked to two Instagram Marketing & Sales Experts about how to write Instagram captions to help improve sales, reach, and brand familiarity.

    To write an effective Instagram caption, first set a campaign goal

    Before we dive into how to write captions, let’s first look back at the key goals of our Instagram strategy and then set our direction. General overall goals include:

    • Run cognitive campaigns to increase brand awareness and general brand awareness (this means increasing reach and followers, and increasing website visits for brand awareness)
    • Promote new products and new collections that have just been announced, including sales
    • Collect branded Instagram hashtag user-generated content

    If you’re not investing in Instagram ads at all and are just launching pure organic ads, your call-to-action goals are two main goals:

    • Encourage users to read the captions, access their profile, and click the link (link in bio) in their profile.
    • Encourage followers to like, comment, and share posts (tagging other users)

    Keep in mind that you can’t put clickable links on organic posts. This means that you need to encourage users to click links in your Instagram profile to get access to your website or the product pageIn addition, since the authenticated account it is possible to build the confidence there is credibility, ” in Star grams certification guide (in English) would be good to check out.”

    How to write good Instagram captions

    1. Make full use of the first line

      Instagram posts will only show the beginning if there are a few lines of captions. Therefore, write important content at the beginning of the sentence. Be sure to include compelling content or questions, as only the first line will appear on the user’s feed screen. It’s also a good idea not to put off call-to-action.

      “Use the advertising slogans you see in marketing media for the first line of Instagram captions. The important thing is to get the audience’s attention and lure them into your posts, ” Carter said. “Instagram captions have a” Read More “option. Caption display if write the important information before the interruption, the rest can be read later, increases also Engagement “

      2. View call-to-action or questions

      Each post should have a purpose and intent. Therefore, set a specific goal for each post and choose the call-to-action to use with itFirst, consider what you want your followers to do. for example:

      • I want you to visit the website
      • I want you to purchase a specific product
      • I want my friends to share my post
      • I want you to buy sale items
      • I want you to participate in contests and giveaways
      • I want you to take a picture and share it with the specified hashtag (ideal for collecting user-generated content)

      The key here is to encourage engagement and create a sense of dialogue and conversation. It also corresponds to Instagram’s algorithm of using engagement as a metric to display posts to followers. In addition, promoting engagement will increase the likelihood that your post will appear as a “recommended account” in other users’ feeds.

      Engagement-promoting actions in captions include:

      • Link in bio (link in the profile) click the
      • Leave a comment (usually the answer to the question)
      • Tag your friends (useful for expanding reach)
      • Post a photo using a branded hashtag

      3. Draft Instagram captions on another platform

        When writing captions, it’s better to use a platform other than Instagram so that you can think more strategically without being distracted. “If you’re away from your phone, you can write business Instagram captions with a cleaner head,” Carter said. “I” for the desktop Plann (English) by using a “, we are writing together a lot of the caption. Therefore, we also create schedules for editing and posting. By doing so, a lot you can avoid getting notifications and comparing them to others’ posts, so you can keep calm and write captions with your marketing goals in mind. ” Mr. says.

        The point here is to write Instagram captions with a focus on promotional and engagement goals. The first thing you write isn’t always the best, so be sure to have some ideas in your captions to inflate your creativity and enjoy the process.

        4. Use storytelling

        Try to write exciting sentences with your own personality, not neutral content in the captions. “I try to add sensory words, phrases, episodes, etc. to the captions that make me imagine the scene. Depict the feel, taste, sound, scenery, emotions, and sensations, and be concrete. I’ll write something like that, “says Carter. “For example, instead of just saying” Tex-Mex (Texas-style Mexican food) “, try rephrasing” Why don’t you pour salty chips with plenty of avocado dip in a sharp margarita? ” is”

        5. Enjoy using emoji

          It is recommended to incorporate playful emoji in the caption to create a fun atmosphere. The emoji placed at the end of a sentence or paragraph acts like a “bookend” and divides long sentences neatly.

          Emoji is also a great tool to encourage users to take certain actions, such as clicking a link in their profile. However, when using emoji, be sure to use one that matches the tone and branding of the caption. Be careful not to overuse emoji, especially in one caption.

          If you’re still uncertain about your brand’s identity and tone, and you’re outsourcing Instagram captions to a freelancer, choose relevant emojis that are consistent and consistent with your brand image. ..

          If you don’t know what emoji to use when you want to focus on the text in the link in bio or caption, try using my favorite emoji like this:

          6. Consider caption length

            As with most marketing strategies, “quality is more important than quantity” when it comes to Instagram captions. You can write short, crisp texts, or you can cover long, detailed content.

            According to Portnoy, there is no right or wrong length for captions.

            7. Use hashtags

              Instagram hashtags to make posts searchable ideas to make use ofWith tracking and search capabilities, it acts as a keyword.

              You may have noticed a neatly grouped hashtag at the end of the caption or under “Read more”. Another technique is to add a few lines of space with a period to display the hashtag separately from the caption text and display it far away from the text. However, it’s a good idea to include hashtags in your captions for impressive text.

              So what hashtag should I use? Recommendations include branded hashtags (brand-specific), community hashtags (used by people in the same industry and featured influencers), product hashtags, and more. It is a combination of popular hashtags with tags.

              Keep an eye out for hashtags used by competitors, audiences, influencers, and industry leaders to actively incorporate them into your content.

              An example of a great Instagram caption to help you create ideas

              1. “The Sill”: How to use short Instagram captions

                Short and easy-to-understand Instagram captions are useful when photos tell you everything. Us to deliver a nice houseplant at home The Sill (English) Let’s look at an example of. Still’s Instagram takes advantage of customer interior images that decorate purchased foliage plants.

                What’s great about Instagram captions by The Sill?

                • Encourage tagging and commenting on friends with beautiful photos and short captions
                • Expand the reach of your posts more extensively by crediting and tagging interior designers and rental spaces

                2. “Soko Glam”: How to use long Instagram captions

                  Long captions, such as descriptive text and storytelling, help add context to the image and attract more readers. Shop to handle the beauty products of Korea, Soko Glam (English) Let’s look at an example. It’s easy to simply introduce the most popular products, but Soko Glam’s method sets it apart. Instead, it explains how a product can solve a customer’s worries by giving an example of how the product is used.

                  Soko Glam goes against the general trend and dares to use long, informative captions. It caught the eye of Instagram and was taken as a reference for other businesses.

                  What are the advantages of Instagram captions by Soko Glam?

                  • Explain detailed steps on how top-selling products can help buyers
                  • Combining products with popular hashtag topics to provide timely, relevant, and part of the conversation
                  • Present a clear call-to-action, such as telling you to receive a coupon from a link in your profile that will give you 15% off all popular products

                  3. How to use wit-rich Instagram captions

                    Bold and non-wearing Instagram captions are useful when they are consistent with your audience, brand image, and product. Deals with illustrations rich in frank and dark humor, the artist and author of Artists (English) in Star grams caption aims to be pushing the limit. But he isn’t writing such a sentence just to say something. The content is consistent, from his branding to the products to the slides he uses when speaking in public.

                    What’s great about Instagram captions by Artists?

                    • Consistent with branding, from the image description to the caption itself
                    • Wit-rich and candid captions encourage you to tag your friends

                    4. “A Shop of Things”: How to use funny Instagram captions

                      Funny Instagram captions are useful when dealing with humorous products and services. Playful and fun prints and embroidery, badges, to sell the goods which treated such as applique A Shop Of Things (English) is for, is perfect is such a caption. For example, anyone living in a big city knows that the amount of rent does not always match the quality of the apartment. When introducing a humorous product related to such a subject, A Shop of Things uses captions that match the product and make you laugh.

                      What are the advantages of Instagram captions from A Shop of Things?

                      • Funny captions that certain audiences can empathize with, encouraging them to tag and comment on their friends

                      5. “Letter folk” and “Vaute Couture”: How to use seasonal Instagram captions

                        Seasonal captions are a great way to mix Instagram marketing activities with timely content to create a slightly different atmosphere. Let’s look at an example of Instagram captions that are perfect for summer and winter respectively.

                        Instagram caption for summer

                        Everyday life vibe in the photo, good at capturing skillfully products Letterfolk (English) . In this example, summer is over, autumn clothes and autumn leaves, and people who are looking forward to the autumn of appetite can sympathize with it.

                        What are the advantages of Letterfolk’s Instagram captions?

                        • A short, catchy caption that lets you quickly tag your friends who love autumn
                        • Branded hashtags allow customers to share Letterfolk-related posts themselves, extend reach and encourage more comments

                        Instagram caption for winter

                        Vegan material design-conscious of apparel products and animal (English) to provide, in the global apparel brand Vaute Couture (English) . The image below, the time will want to buy winter clothes, vegan cuisine is an example of the posts were asked to appear, popular chefs, to Mr. Chloe Kosukarerri as a model of the winter coat. In the post, the brand’s mission and marketing message are brilliantly layered with influencers who share the same vision and mission. This is what, influencer marketing in-Star grams (English) will be said to be the best example of the use of.

                        What are the advantages of Instagram captions by Vaute Couture?

                        • Show the credits of influencers who appeared as models in the captions to further expand the reach of posts
                        • Offer discounts to attract sales
                        • Show a clear call-to-action at the end of the caption to encourage users to click a link in their profile to proceed with the purchase

                        6. “Verameat”: How to use Instagram captions for SELPHY

                          Handmade jewelry brand of Verameat (English) , such as a small merchant of you may not be able to ask always to professional photographers shooting of items. That’s why Vera meat introduced a Halloween-themed jewelry collection by using SELPHY.

                          What are the advantages of Verameat’s Instagram captions?

                          • Appropriate length captions that clearly explain the Halloween collection
                          • Use emoji that is perfect for your brand image
                          • Show clear call-to-action at the end of the sentence, encouraging users to leave a comment and enter the contest

                          Instagram caption tips, tips, and countermeasures

                          Before returning to the creative captioning process, take the following tips into account to help maximize brand exposure, engage your audience, and reach your promotional goals.

                          How to add a space (blank) to your Instagram caption

                          The easiest and quickest way to add spaces to your Instagram captions is to use symbols such as “period (.)” And “hyphen (-)” We especially recommend using symbols when you want the hashtag to appear under “Read More”. If you want to add space to your Instagram caption, follow these steps:

                          1. Write the text in the caption field of Instagram
                          2. Tap the “Enter” or “Return” key to start a new line
                          3. Add the symbol to the next line. Generally, “period (.)” And “hyphen (-)” are used.
                          4. Tap the “Enter” or “Return” key again to start writing a new paragraph
                          5. Repeat the above steps if you want to add more space between the caption paragraphs

                          How long can you write an Instagram caption?

                          Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, and you can add up to 30 hashtags. Best practices by brands introduced above for effective Instagram captions for engagementIf you want to add more information or hashtags, you can also use the comment field. You can add an additional 2,200 characters and 30 hashtags in the comments section.

                          Checklist for posting the best Instagram captions

                          Before you finish the captions, be sure to check out the following questions (it’s a good idea to save them so you can always see them):

                          • Does the caption contain enough information, such as details about the product, promotion, or company in general? 
                          • Do the captions match your brand image? Does the atmosphere and style of the brand convey to users?
                          • Do you display a clear call-to-action at the end of the sentence to encourage users to take action?
                          • Do the captions look good and clean? Check for overuse of text, emoji, and hashtags.
                          • Are captions inspirational and value-added? Can users get anything from posts? Whatever the content, whether it’s getting new information, applying for a free gift, connecting with other followers, or getting inspiration, the caption must add some value to the user. not. Avoid posting anything just to increase the number of posts, and try to send out intentional content. Users are more likely to stop following their account because they “can’t get any value from their posts” rather than “no posts every day.”

                          Finally: The principle of “attraction and repulsion”

                          There is an idea of ​​”the principle of attraction and repulsion” that is useful for branding, which was spread by photographer and strategist Jasmine Star. Basically, establishing a brand’s identity determines the language and tone to use. We can’t offer what everyone likes, so the idea is that branding will attract the right customers, while those who don’t will repel and leaveThat’s why it’s important to focus on potential customers and find ways to attract them. This may be the secret to writing better, more targeted Instagram captions.

                          Strategic is important, but captions are also an opportunity to express your brand’s personality. The message you write in the caption is also one of the media. From now on, how about expressing your brand’s unique perspective with a more friendly tone unique to Instagram? 

                          Instagram caption FAQ

                          What is an Instagram caption?

                          Instagram captions are descriptive text attached to the images you post.

                          What is a good Instagram caption?

                          It’s like getting users to spend a few seconds posting, encouraging them to like, comment, and share posts.

                          How to write a good Instagram caption?

                          Make full use of the first line, clarify the CTA, add value, write like a human being, use tools, and so on.

                          What is the maximum number of characters in an Instagram caption?

                          Up to 2,200 characters and up to 30 hashtags.

                          Please tell me the effect of the Instagram caption.

                          You can expect more access to the site, more followers, and better sales.

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