Timberwolves Cruise In Opener Over Houston – 2021

Anthony Edwards made the Timberwolves team start with a win over Houston

Timberwolves Cruise In Opener Over Houston

Anthony Edwards has spent the entire offseason working on his shot. Catch and shoot, off the bounce, everything. But the work did not end there.

In the days leading up to the start of the Minnesota season, Edwards sent a text message to his coach, Justin Holland, informing him that night exercise times were right.

There was a lot of work to be done, a lot of gunshots and a holiday party to be prepared. The party was Wednesday at the Target Center. Sixteen thousand Timberwolves fans were invited.

And it was anger.

Edwards has announced he will play a major role and the Timberwolves look like rivals who have spoken of being all in the training camp as they beat the Target Center 2 and 2 hours on Wednesday to a 124-106 win over Houston. Minnesota is led by as many as 35.

Edwards’ extra work paid off. The second-year standings finished with 29 points – 24 in the first half – with 6 points. If he hits a gun around like that, coupled with his unstoppable ability to attack the bucket, contradictory defensive measures may be adopted.

He was in a smooth rhythm on Wednesday, firing a shot, strengthening opponents before rising above them. Everything seemed simple, natural, so was Edwards.

“(Preseason) I would say I was just out there to be there. But I’m here now. I put a lot of work into my jumper. I hope it has shown and I want to continue to show progress in it, ”said Edwards. “I do not even think of it as feeling good. I think about it as that’s what I do, I know what I mean? I include work, like 9-to-5 daily in the summer. So it has to fall. ”

That’s the way Edwards works. You have entered this outdoor environment with a changed environment, which aims to lock you in every day with the intention of making yourself the best player.

Early returns, by forecasting, are good.

Karl-Anthony Towns was at the clinic with 30 points, a 10-rebound showing the effectiveness of 11-for-15 shooting. D’Angelo Russell hit four three in a 2 minute, 8 seconds in the third quarter.

The Target Center lived it all.

What a renovation of a building that remained silent for much of the year 2020, and frankly many years ago. The energy and enthusiasm played by the Timberwolves – from Edwards’ many famous duo to Josh Okogie’s ugly blocks – filled the stadium.

This is a fan base that has been persuaded to win basketball for years but has often been rejected. Not on Wednesday.

“The only thing I can say is that the crowd brings a different kind of energy to the gym,” said Edwards, who noted that the weather reminds him of his college days in Georgia. “Last year it was cold in the gym. This year is hot. He hears everyone. A different situation, man. Very good. ”

In fairness, Wednesday’s opponent was Houston (0-1). The Rockets are expected to be one of the worst teams in the NBA. It’s the same with New Orleans, Minnesota hosting Saturday and Monday.

But if the Wolves play that kind of fire and passion for 82 games, they will come out victorious many times over. There was a game where Malik Beasley forced a loose ball down the bench near the Timberwolves bench. A few of his companions met him and immediately rejoiced when they picked him up from the ground.

Edwards is a clear narrator. It was his famous presentation on Wednesday that sparked a huge roar, with his mini-runs stopping fans on foot.

“She is definitely feeding the crowd. It brings energy and restores. He was very aggressive and we knew he was going to be that, ”said Timberwolves coach Chris Finch. “We just ran there and he was just shooting the ball well with a big rhythm. He hasn’t done that yet, and we said he hadn’t done much in the preseason before but by doing well he was shooting the ball well. It’s good to see that pass. That moment in the second quarter just changed the whole game. ”

With Edwards each three times off, his signature smile will only grow bigger as he watches the crowd or the Wolves bench. While burying his fifth third with 22 seconds to play in the second half to put Minnesota (1-0) up to 29, Edwards looked at the Houston bench and sent off Rockets head coach Stephen Silas to catch the closing time.

“I didn’t see the time,” Edwards said with a smile. “I did not see it for 20 seconds (on the left) and he was unable to call the closing time.”

It didn’t matter. The crowd liked it, as did Edwards’s team partners. The City said the bright game Edwards made it empowering and improved character. When Edwards’s hammers hold the dunk, the whole team tries to defend themselves, looking to make a star-sponsored game.

“Hell yes,” Russell said, “it’s fun.”

Everything about Wednesday’s performance was. That was Edwards in his thing. The previous No. 1 general election was like a lion locked up last season while playing without an audience.

He was born to entertain people, a show that uses basketball as his main car to entertain people.

Perhaps, if Wednesday was a highlight, the Timberwolves games would once again be a must-see event in downtown Minneapolis.

Anthony Edwards throws a great team.

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