Tips for letter writing – पत्र लेखन

Well, how do you write a letter?

Tips for writing letters -पत्र लेखन
पत्र लेखन 

First of all, “Dear Sir” … That … How many horizontal bars of “Worship”? Next … Greetings from the weather? Is it spring or summer now? The last is “Knowledge”? “Sashiko”? Vertical writing? Horizontal writing? … Hmmm, no more.


Do you have such an experience? The rules do exist. But if you’re stuck with the rules, you might think that letters are just annoying. That’s a shame …


Phone calls, emails, and SNS are very convenient if you just want to tell your business! In such an era, I still choose to write a letter “on purpose” and spend time because I believe in something that can only be transmitted by a letter.


Then, even if the rules are reasonable, first of all, I want you to value the feelings you want to convey. I want you to write it out.


A life that will end someday. People who could meet in the given time. Edge.

Letters and handwritten text are also proof that you are alive.


The letter you write, your letters,

It may help someone to live.

It may be an opportunity to look forward.

The gentle feelings may be chained.


Why don’t you convey your thoughts in your own words with your own letters without thinking too hard?


Whether it’s a letter, a one-stroke letter, or a letter. Would you like to write for the happiness of your loved ones?


I want to write, but I can’t take a step … Any tips? I want to make it a site where you can get something from those who are worried about it to those who like letters who want to have more fun. We will update it from time to time, so please visit us once in a while.

■■■ For those who are not good at writing … ■■■

I don’t like my character … I’m not good at writing …

I often hear “reasons for not writing letters”. But that’s too disappointing! !!

Your letters are a special font that only you can write, just as your face is only you and your voice can only be heard by you!


And just saying “handwritten” and “your character” is already of great value!


Some people write beautiful characters that make you sigh.

However, I really like the word “it has that person’s taste”. It makes me happy to hear my voice.

You can feel that you are connected to the other person, you can feel very close to you, you can feel that you are alive now … Isn’t it the real pleasure of the letter? Write as if you were talking, without being shy.


* Still for those who say …

Point ①  Write large letters. It’s OK just to keep in mind that it is easy to read!

Point (2) Select a  writing tool from medium to bold.

Point ③  Try using a fountain pen.It starts at around 1,500 yen, so don’t worry about it and choose a budget and design.If you have one of your favorites, you will naturally want to write it.

Point ④  Blue is recommended as the ink color. The dark blue feels new. Bright blue can express familiarity.

■■■ For those who don’t know the format … ■■■


There is a basic format. If you want to use a new letter or a letter as a business tool, you may need to follow the format, whether you use the Internet or read a how-to book. (In that case, as well, I think it’s okay to be moderate ♪) Beginning with the familiar acronym such as “Dear Sir,” the preamble → the text → the final sentence → the postscript….


However, it is strange to ask the person you just met, “How are you?”, And it is uncomfortable for the person to use a phrase that you do not use at all on a daily basis. In the case of a woman’s private letter, “I’ll give you a stroke” gives a softer impression than writing “Dear Sir”.


First of all, in writing partner who, what you want to tellClose your eyes and take a deep breath slowly to face your relationship and your feelings for the other person. Sometimes you may feel emotions that you don’t want to admit. .. but you may be able to open up a relationship with new feelings before you face each other. Why don’t you believe in the warmth, toughness, and size of human beings?


* Still for those who say …

Point ①  Start writing by calling for a name such as “Mr. ◯◯ …” or “Mr. ◯◯ …”.

Point (2)  Difficult idioms and phrases give a clicky impression, but they can also be difficult to read. You don’t have to look good. Life-size yourself. Write as if you were sending an email, talking on the phone, or speaking in your own words.

Point ③  If you can’t stop at the seasonal greetings, try using seasonal stationery or postcards.“I found stationery that looks cool.”

“It’s almost time for the morning glory to open.” This is enough ♪ 

Point ④ The new official document is plain white stationery. If not, it is one of the pleasures to choose the one that the other party will be happy with or your favorite from the many commercially available stationery. Let’s write with various stationery.

Point ⑤ What do you want to convey, “Thank you”? “Sorry”? “Let’s meet again”? Let’s write honestly about the feelings that you faced.

■■■ Points that convey what you want to say ■■■


*** Thank you letter ***

What made me so happy … I’m grateful. If you specifically describe the impressions of what you received and the situations and feelings that have changed as a result of receiving it, you will be able to convey your feelings of gratitude. ” Thank you “is a magic word that makes both the other person and yourself happy.


*** Apology letter ***

By frankly apologizing, human relationships can become deeper. Don’t make excuses, just say in your own words that you’ve caused annoyance and that you’re offended and sorryIt’s natural to feel heavy. So as soon as possible! Is.


*** Congratulations letter ***

Marriage, childbirth, admission, passing, longevity, new construction, promotion … When you send a congratulatory letter, the other person will be at a turning point in your life and will be surrounded by great joy. Instead of just unilaterally saying ” Congratulations “, you can share more joy by thinking about the hardships and efforts that led up to that point, or by adding a message of support” You did your best, “” It would have been difficult, “” I’m proud, “” I respect you, “and” It’s wonderful. ” There are also many greeting cards for celebrationsIt’s fun to choose according to the purpose and the other party.


*** Letter of encouragement ***

It is forbidden to use words of encouragement such as “do your best” or “get well” for someone who is working hard or is very depressedI’m already doing my best by enduring the difficult situation … I can’t help it even if I know it with my head … Isn’t it really encouraging to sympathize with the suffering of the other person, believe in your power, and say with all your heart that I am with you? Even if it doesn’t arrive immediately, it’s good that it gradually permeates the other person’s heart over time.


*** Letter to accompany the gift ***

Not only seasonal gifts such as midyear gifts and year-end gifts, but also birthday gifts, developed photos, and borrowed items, a handwritten letter will give you a polite and friendly impression. It’s a good idea to add  I’m just heart “and” It’s modest “ to the seasonal gifts, with the feeling of gratitude for your continued support. If you want to ship them separately, it’s smart if you send them at the same time or if the letters arrive first. If you use a one-stroke paper, you can convey your feelings just by writing a few lines such as “It was fun”, “Eat ♪”, and “Thank you”.

*** Request letter ***

It would be nice to include the specific reason for the request and why you want to ask the other partyIf you follow the words “If you like” and “Sorry for your inconvenience”, it will be transmitted softly. And instead of ” please “,” can you please? “It is important not to ask them to take it for granted, but to use the form of doubt and leave it to the other partyAlso, when you write” Thank you “in Kanji and when You write “Thank you” using many hiragana characters, the impression you get is quite different. Let’s use it properly according to TPO. In some cases, it may be better to call again than just the letter to convey your feelings.

Please consent. It is basic to write with all your heart in anticipation of that situation.


*** A letter to say ***

It is necessary to properly convey the reason for the change and think about how to write it so that the other party will be satisfied. Rely on yourself and don’t forget to thank you for your request.

*** Complaint letter ***

It’s a letter I don’t want to write too much … However, in some cases, it is more effective than verbal communication. Never be emotionalIt is important to be calm and clearly convey what you are having problems with. Try to write in easy-to-read sentences that are not too long.

*** Reminder letter ***

You may dare to start writing a reminder letter that is difficult to cut out from the greeting of the time (season). Unless it is a business reminder, it would be nice to be able to devise a soft expression such as “I will use” it on ◯ month ◯ day “and” I will lend it to the next person “so as not to break human relationships . Tell them that you are in trouble and say ” as soon as possible “.


*** Letter of love ***

Even though I love letters, there are letters that I hesitate to recommend. It is a letter of love written to the opposite sex. A long time ago, when there was no means of communication, letters might have been a natural way of expressing feelings. But What About Now … If You Suddenly Receive A Letter That Conveys Your Feelings, The Other Person May Be Surprised. “Why Do You Know Your Address?” “I Do Not Feel Like It …” “I Don’t want to write if I can reply … “I don’t want to make my favorite person think so. I definitely don’t want to think that I’m a” stalker “! If you know the times when love letters went, you might think that it was a lonely time, but it is a world that is so cautious.I don’t recommend letters to confess love …

However, I highly recommend letters between parents and children, couples, and partners. Why don’t you write casual gratitude and feelings to the person who thinks “You should understand without saying …”. Whether it’s a letter or a letter. I believe that even if the time of farewell comes someday, the time and feel we spend together will surely remain deep in our hearts and deep in our memories.

■■■ Things to watch out for (basic things) ■■■


■ There are a lot of colorful inks, but I don’t use the ” red letters ” used for reminder letters and insulation letters.


■ Pencils will disappear, so NG! (I think it’s good to use a pencil so that children can write with confidence without worrying about mistakes.)


■ It is taboo to divide the other party’s name into two lines and write at the end of the line (at the end of the line).


■ Do not write your (or relative) name at the beginning of the line (at the top of the line).


■ Do not use inappropriate words (such as “overlapping” in condolence letters, “cutting” and “being separated” in congratulatory letters, and “frequently” and “prolonging” in condolence letters).


■ Overlapping titles …… President, teacher → President ◯◯, ◯◯ president, ◯◯ teacher


■ Basically, do not staple envelopes with cellophane tape or staples. Depending on the other party, it is also ant to decorate it fashionably with masking tape.


■ It is good manners to stick stamps so that there is no shortage. Check it out when you write a lot.

Conclude any letter with words that wish for the happiness of the other person.


The letter is a heartfelt gift from you.

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