10 Tips To Acquire Continuity

Tips To Acquire Continuity:

Tips To Acquire Continuity

“There is great power in continuation!”

If you can continue to act, you will be able to realize your dreams and goals.

You may think, “But it’s hard to continue.”

Actually, there is an easy trick to continue.

This article is for you who have such doubts and anxieties.

・ How can I continue?

・ It seems difficult to continue.

・ I couldn’t continue because I couldn’t continue.

・ Is it easy to continue?

It is an article that solves such doubts and anxieties.

Make good use of the tips of continuation and get a life of dream realization! Contents of this article

① The tremendous power of continuation

② Introducing tips to continue

③ Specific example of continuation

Read this article to understand how you can continue.

And with the power of continuity, you will be able to realize your dreams.

・ 6 years of experience as a blogger

・ Continuous jogging for over 2200 days

I have been doing many things for a long time, and I will introduce the greatness and tips of continuing.

Great power of continuation

The common points of people who have achieved tremendous results.

That is the importance of continuing to act.

There is so much power in continuation.

Stacking small things is the only way to go to a ridiculous place.


A genius is an ordinary genius who strives.


Even a small ax can cut down a hard oak tree by hitting it hundreds of times.


There are endless numbers of quotes about continuation.

And everyone is producing great results that everyone knows because they continued to act.

The point here.

I wasn’t able to continue because I was a great person.

I became a person who produced great results because I was able to continue.

You don’t have to be doing great things right now.

If we can continue, everyone will be able to achieve life-changing results.

From here, I will introduce “Tips for continuation” that can be easily continued.

Do not overdo it

Do not overdo it to continue.

Overdoing it from the beginning is the biggest cause of continuation failure.

Suddenly I try to run 10km every day.

This is my failure example.

Even though I wasn’t exercising properly, it was impossible to suddenly reach 10km.

The result was that I broke my knee on the first day and couldn’t run properly for a year after that.

Do not overdo it from the beginning.

The first is a 2km walk.

If you don’t have a habit of exercising, start by walking instead of running suddenly.

This is the point to continue without difficulty.

However, there are many people who overdo it first.

Reasons to overdo it first

・ Because high motivation unknowingly overdoes it.

When I think about taking action, my motivation is the highest.

If you decide the content of the action in that state, you will inevitably set great content.

So, at first, the content is not enough.

“Is this the right content?”

Let’s set the content as reasonable as you think.

Examples of reasonable behavior

・ Read one book every day → Read 10 pages every day

・ Daily muscle training 1 hour → Daily muscle training 10 minutes

・ Study for 2 hours everyday → Study for 30 minutes every day.

Like this.

Let’s do the content that is reasonable at first according to your situation.

Decide on the minimum content

One of the causes of continuation failure is to take a day off.

It’s only one day, but it’s been two days, three days in a row, and the action stops.

This is a pattern that cannot be continued.

Therefore, the point of continuation is to continue without rest for a day.

Here’s an easy way to keep going.

An easy way to keep going

・ Decide on a super-simple content that is OK if you do at least this

By deciding this minimum content, you can easily act even when the continuation seems to stop.

When the continuation stops, there are three main causes. Three major causes for the continuation to stop

① I inadvertently forgot

② I was busy and didn’t have time

③ I couldn’t act because I wasn’t feeling well

If you decide on the minimum content, you can execute it quickly even in these three states.

The following is a guideline for how much the minimum content is.

Minimal content example

① If you are reading, you can read one page.

② For muscle training, one squat is OK

③ If you are studying, open the text and it’s OK

Like this.

At this level, even if you forget it, you can do it the moment you remember it.

Even if you don’t have time or feel a little sick, you can easily do it if you want to.

It’s as easy as this.

Decide this as the minimum content.

It can be executed quickly, so you can overcome the pinch where continuation stops.

Be sure to act every day, even if it’s just a little.

Even if the action is a little, it has a big meaning to prevent the continuation failure.


Declare the continuation of the action.

Declaring will help you to act. Benefits of declaring

① Strengthening determination to continue

② Driven by a sense of mission

③ It’s embarrassing if you can’t

Strengthening determination to continue

What comes to mind when trying to declare to others is

“Because I declare it, I have to do it.”

That is.

This may be a lot of pressure, isn’t it?

Overcoming the pressure here strengthens our determination to continue.

Be sure to continue because you declare it!

By trying to declare, you can strengthen your determination to continue.

Overcoming the pressure can be difficult.

If you feel distracted, think about it the other way around.

It’s cheap if you can continue to act just by declaring it.

There is nothing like this.

Just by courageously proclaiming, you can harness the tremendous power of continuity.

Don’t you think it’s a great deal?

Driven by a sense of mission

When you declare it to someone, it’s the same as promised to the other person.

Then Then

I have to act because I declared it to that person!

I am driven by the sense of mission.

Then, even if you don’t feel like it,

Now that you’ve declared it, let’s do it!

You can have a strong feeling and continue to act.

By the way, I am the only one who feels a sense of mission.

Most of the time, the other person doesn’t care too much.

So you don’t have to worry about the burden on the other party.

It’s embarrassing if you can’t

Declaring stimulates self-esteem.

It’s embarrassing if I can’t!

With that in mind, I can have a strong feeling no matter what I do.

It’s easier to keep going as you try to do it with your pride.

Choose the person you want to declare

・ People who deny

・ Person who pulls a leg

Declaring to such a person is counterproductive.

Declare to someone who supports you.

Choose the person you want to declare really well.

Even if you take the courage to declare it, if it is denied or made a fool of you, your motivation will drop at once.

Surprisingly, people close to you, such as parents, siblings, spouses, and best friends, often deny it, so be careful.

If you declare, such a person

・ People who support me

・ People who are happy with us

・ People who walk with me

When declaring, select and declare such a person.

You can maximize the declared effect.

I declare it on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.

・ Connect with positive friends.

・ Only those who support me when I declare it.

・ I am enthusiastic about continuing.

With that feeling, a good cycle is born.

Resume as soon as you take a rest

One of the causes of continuation failure is to take a day off.

In “Tips for continuation (2): Decide on the minimum content”, we introduced how to prevent rest.

If you still take a day off, is it over?

That’s not true.

Here are some tips for continuing even if you take a day off.

If you take a day off

Resume action immediately.

It’s all about this.

The minimum content is OK.

Let’s resume now.

The more you rest, the less motivated you are to resume your actions.

The worst choice is

Let’s resume from tomorrow.

And procrastinate.

“Procrastination” is the worst choice to stop continuing.

It doesn’t matter that I took a day off.

Procrastination is a big problem.

If you find yourself resting, resume your actions immediately.

Why weekly behavior doesn’t last

・ Decreased motivation due to the vacant period

When you have a sense of action, your motivation decreases day by day.

After a week, you may not feel like acting at all!

That’s why it’s important to act every day without rest.

Connect with friends

Connections with peers that continue together.

This is a great way to stay motivated on a daily basis.

Start sneaking alone and end sneaking without anyone knowing.

This is my previous failure example.

For example, studying for qualifications.

At first, I got excited and studied for 2 hours every day.

Studying gradually became troublesome, and I took a day off.

It will be 2nd and 3rd, and it will fade out as it is.

I was repeatedly failing to continue like this.

It ends without anyone knowing and learning anything.

It’s sad that you didn’t get any results even though you worked hard at the beginning.

Causes of continuous failure by acting alone

・ Difficult to maintain motivation

・ It is easy to stop the action because no one notices it.

How to get rid of the cause of this failure.

That is to “connect with colleagues who do the same thing. 

Benefits of connecting with friends

・ Motivation is increased by stimulating each other’s actions

・ If you stop the action, it will be transmitted to the other party, so you can act somehow.

Report each other’s actions and support each other.

This motivates us to continue our actions.

Also, if you think that the other person is doing their best, the desire to stop acting will be stopped.

Working hard with your friends will help you continue to act.

I use SNS to connect with my friends.

Benefits of using SNS

・ If you search, you can quickly find friends who do the same thing.

・ You can immediately see the efforts of your friends on the timeline.

・ You can share what you have done with your friends by uploading it.

・ If you stop the action, it will be immediately transmitted to your friends, so it is easy to continue.

Imagine who you want to be

Clarify what you want to be as a result of your actions.

“If you do your best, you can become your ideal self!”

If you think so, you can maintain your motivation.

When you first start acting, you are highly motivated.

However, as you continue to act for a long time, your motivation will gradually decline.


“I don’t have to do it today ~”

I think that, and the action stops easily.

“What kind of self do you want to be?”

Always be aware of this.

This prevents loss of motivation.

How to always be aware of the image you want to be

・ Put a photo of your ideal image on the wall.

・ Write it out on paper and carry it with you.

・ Declare aloud every morning.


Keeping a record of your daily activities will help you stay motivated to continue.Benefits of recording

① I want to update the accumulated numbers

② I don’t want to set the accumulated numbers to 0

③ The accumulated numbers give you confidence

I want to update the accumulated numbers

Keep a daily record of how many days you are active.

1st, 2nd, 3rd …

The fact that the numbers are getting bigger and bigger is proof that you are doing your best.

This is,

10th, 30th, 100th …

The more you pile up, the more you want to set a new record.

This is the motivation to continue.

If you set the target number of days in small steps,

“Let’s continue to do our best until we reach XX days!” 

Recommended because it will motivate you.

If you suddenly set a big goal, you will deny it with your head.

Let’s do our best for a week!


Now that we have a week, let’s do our best for the next month!

If you set a goal that you think you can do, you will be motivated to continue.

I don’t want to set the accumulated numbers to 0

As the number of continuous days gradually increases, your feelings will change.

At first, I’m simply happy that the numbers are piled up day by day.

When this becomes 100 days and 200 days,

“I don’t want to reduce the number of records I’ve accumulated every day to 0!”

I feel like that.

If such feelings appear, it is proof that the continuity has become stronger.

“I don’t want to stop continuing!”

From the bottom of my heart, I feel like I will continue no matter what happens.

The accumulated numbers give you confidence

The numbers you accumulate and record your actions every day will give you confidence.

If you continue, it doesn’t go well every day.

There will always be some problems in continuing.

An example of a problem

・ Sudden work

・ I’m not feeling well

・ Trouble with family

Accumulating the number of continuous days means that we have overcome various problems.

“I have overcome such a pinch and continued!”

This experience instills absolute confidence in you.

“I am a person who can continue what I have decided!”

In this way you can recognize yourself and be in a state of self-confidence.

The more days you have accumulated, the more unwavering confidence you will have!

It becomes branding when an outstanding record remains

The other day I recorded 2,222 consecutive days of jogging without a break.

When it comes to numbers like this, you’re almost certainly surprised when you talk to people.

It will have a strong impact on the other party, so if you want to brand something, it is recommended to keep a record.

Always be aware of the purpose

Having a solid purpose for action makes it easier to continue.

What do you want to continue to do?

Make this clear and always be aware of it.

About the purpose

I will explain the purpose by introducing an example.

I want to go on a diet and lose 10kg.

This is no good.

This is a goal to reach, not an end.

The purpose is

I want to lose 10kg and be popular with the opposite sex!


I want to wear slim clothes and walk around the city!


What kind of future do you want to get by succeeding in dieting?

That is the purpose.

However, I cannot do my best with “I want to lose 10 kg”.

can do my best because there are things I want to get, such as ” I want to be popular” and “I want to go out wearing slim clothes”.

Have an exciting purpose when you imagine what you have achieved.

You can continue to act because you have a clear purpose to do your best.

If this is not clear,

I want to lose 10kg …

・ I bought a convenience store.

・ I just changed the rice.

・ I got tired and skipped exercise.

It’s sadly easy to lose temptation like this.

The “purpose” is to overcome this temptation and continue to act.

Always be aware of your purpose

Over time, your goal may be to act.

If you lose sight of your true purpose, you run the risk of doing the wrong thing.

If that happens, you won’t get the results you want, so be careful.

Always be aware of your goals to get the results you want.

For example, in the previous diet example,

I’ve been on a diet for 5 months now, but I can’t lose 10kg.

When it comes to this…

・Let’s fast

・Let’s exercise insanely hard

・ If this happens, let’s exercise without eating.

So, you will be obsessed with the results and think about unreasonable behavior.

Certainly, you may lose 10kg.

However, the body is tattered.

The goals of “I want to be popular” and “I want to go out wearing slim clothes” are very unfulfillable.

It’s okay if you are always aware of your purpose.

Even if you do the wrong method, you can notice it on the way.

・ I want to be popular, but my complexion is getting worse.

・ I want to go out thin, but it’s hard to walk.

You can immediately see that it is in a strange state.

If you notice a mistake, you can fix it in the right way.

This allows you to continue your diet according to your goals.

The example of a diet is close to my actual experience.

There is no proper purpose and I challenge to lose 10kg at a stretch .

・ Meals are carbohydrate-free (some days are without dinner)

・ Exercise for more than 1 hour on an exercise bike every day.

Succeeded in losing 10 kg in a month and a half.

Achievements obtained

・ I feel dizzy.

·Look sick.

・ I don’t feel any strength in my body.

・ If you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, your legs will get tired.

It is important to have a proper purpose.

If you do the wrong thing, you will get terrible (^^ ゞ

Write down your purpose on paper

Continuation of action.

And the purpose is really important to continue in the right way.

If the purpose is not clear, stop and clarify the purpose.

The method is easy.

Write down on paper what you want to act for

Only this.

Why writing on paper makes the purpose clear

・ Think concretely by trying to write.

・ I can’t write if it’s ambiguous.

・ The purpose is clarified by putting it into words.

Be sure to write it down on paper, not in your head.

This is the point.

Why you can’t just think in your head

If you just think about it with your head, you will end up in an unexpectedly ambiguous state.

It’s supposed to be understood, but it’s not really clear.

To prevent this situation, be sure to write it out in words.

Clarify the purpose of what you act for.

Always be aware of its purpose.

Once in this state, you can continue to act without blurring to get the desired result.

Admit yourself as you act

Acknowledge your awesomeness in acting.

Admitting will increase your self-esteem and build your self-confidence.

・ I was able to continue for 3 days

・ It’s wonderful to be able to do the minimum things even though I’m so busy

・ I’m the best I was able to act properly today!

In this way, let’s acknowledge and praise yourself for being able to act.

Admit yourself every day.

This is in you

“I am a person who can do what I have decided!”

I will instill firm confidence.

This self-confidence will further improve your continuity.

If you continue for a long time, there will always be situations that are difficult to continue if you think about it normally.


“I can definitely do it!”

I thought.

With this, you can always find a way to continue.

Don’t deny your awesomeness.

Because if you deny it, you won’t gain confidence.

The Japanese are

・ It’s not a big deal yet.

・ I haven’t done anything amazing.

In many cases, he refrains from doing so and does not admit his awesomeness.

Don’t hesitate.

Be careful not to deny your awesomeness.

The secret to overcoming any difficulties and continuing.

It’s about building self-confidence.


・ Blog 6 years

・ Jogging continuous run 2222 days

And so on, we are continuing to do various things.

There were tons of pinches that couldn’t be continued.


“No matter what happens, you can always continue!”

Thanks to the confidence that I have gained, I have been able to continue for a day without interruption.

Anyone can acquire this confidence.

I guarantee that I was tired of it and had no continuity at all.

By acknowledging yourself, you gain solid self-confidence.

You will definitely be able to continue your actions.

Raise your goals while continuing

The last tip of continuation.

It is to raise the goal while continuing.

By raising this goal, you can maximize your ability to continue.

Do not raise your goal from the beginning.

If you overdo it suddenly, it will be difficult to continue.

Let’s do it after you realize that you have acquired the ability to continue.

By practicing the tips ① to ⑨, you will have a base of continuity.

Because you have that base, you can raise your goals and increase your activity without difficulty.

For example, for jogging

2km daily → 5km daily → 10km daily

Let’s raise the goal like this.

Only by increasing the amount of activity, the results obtained will be large.

If you have the ability to continue, you can do it even if you increase the amount of activity.

Let’s leave the contents that should be done at the minimum

The higher your goal, the more days you can’t do.

The point of continuation is to keep the simple contents that should be done at the minimum so that we can respond to such a day.

Increase the amount of activity and accumulate continuation every day.

When you can do this, your life will change.

Anyone can change their lives by practicing the tips ① to ⑨.

If you have acquired the ability to continue by utilizing the tips ① to ⑨, you can definitely do it.

Let’s maximize the power of continuation and realize the dreams and goals that we want to achieve.

Summary: Anyone can easily continue

It’s easy to continue.

However, do not overdo it.

Let’s do what we can do one by one and accumulate actions.

・ Do simple things without overdoing it.

・ Determine the minimum content that can be done at any time.

・ Declare to continue.

・ If you take a rest, restart immediately.

・ Connect with colleagues who act together.

・ Have an image of yourself that you want to be.

・ Keep a continuous record.

・ Always be aware of the purpose of what you are doing.

・ Recognize yourself for being able to act and instill confidence.

・ Raise your goals and maximize your continuity.

If you can continue to act, your life will change dramatically.

And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to continue other actions more easily.

Once you have the power to continue, your life will make a lot of noise and change.

We hope you find this article useful to help you realize your dreams and goals.

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