Top 15 Interesting Facts About “McDonald’s” – 2021

Interesting facts about “McDonald’s” 15
Top 15 Interesting Facts About "McDonald's"  In 2021
Facts About McDonald’s

At first, it was a hot dog shop! ??When talking about “Big Mac,” “Filet-O-Fish,” or “McFleury,” there are facts that no one can deny. 

That is, “McDonald’s” is an iconic existence! Is there a logo mark that is known all over the world more than that “golden M-shaped arch”?

Let’s take a look at the 15 amazing facts about such a big fast-food chain. Maybe I spill the “McDonald’s Potato” I got involuntarily?

1. The secret source of “Big Mac” is no longer a secret

The recipe for the “Big Mac” source has always been a corporate secret but was leaked in 2017 as an online rumor.

If you have soybean oil, relish, vinegar, egg yolk, onion powder, sugar, and mustard seeds, you can copy this sauce at home. 

However, you have to find out the number of ingredients and the ratio of the ingredients by yourself.

2. Horses are NG for drive-through

In 2013, a woman riding a horse at a Manchester store tried to use a drive-through, but the clerk refused. 

The woman who gave up the drive-through entered the store with the horse, but the horse pooped on the floor inside the store and made a fuss! The woman was fined by the police.


I don’t know if the corporate policy has changed since this incident, so it’s best not to use the McDonald’s store or drive-through on horseback.

3. Justin Timberlake made a lot of money with the song “I’m Lovin’ it”

In 2013, “McDonald’s” paid Justin Timberlake, who sang this short phrase for an advertising campaign, a whopping $ 6 million (more than 600 million yen!).


In addition, McDonald’s sponsored Justin’s “Mr. Trouser Snake” tour in 35 European cities.

4. Started as a hot dog shop named “Airdrome”

The origin of this chain is that the restaurant, which was started by the Richard and Maurice McDonald brothers with a debt of $ 5,000 (about 550,000 yen) in the 1930s, has now developed into a large global company.


The first memorable store opened in Monrovia, California as a hot dog shop named “Airdrome.”

When he moved to San Bernardino, California in 1940, he changed his name to “McDonald’s BBQ”. In 1948, the product was reviewed and it started as a hamburger and french fries shop.

5. The oldest stores in operation still use the original brand image.

McDonald’s, located in Downy, California, is the fourth store since its inception and is still open. The store first opened in 1953. Even now, the mascots, logos, and store designs of that time remain.

6. “Ronald McDonald” became a mascot character from the middle

Originally, the mascot of “McDonald’s” was a cute chef character called “Speedy”.

However, at that time, many people confused the mascot of stomach medicine called “Alka-Seltzer” with the name “Speedy”, so “Ronald” wearing a big red wig appeared as a new character to replace “Speedy”.

Some older McDonald’s stores, such as the Downey store, can still be seen as “speedy.”

7. The first “Ronald McDonald” was pretty creepy

The first Ronald, played by weather forecaster Willard Scott, was a nightmare creepy cheeseburger.

8. “The Founder’s Secret of the Hamburger Empire” is a biographical film about the founder

A 2016 movie in which actor Michael Keaton played Ray Kroc, a salesman who sells milkshake machines.

In 1954, the protagonist Ray, who delivered a milkshake mixer to the McDonald’s brothers’ store, offered to give the brothers the right to franchise a restaurant.

You can’t miss this movie, which also features Ron Swanson, a character from the comedy-drama “Parks and Recreation” on “NBC”!

9. Many celebrities have worked for “McDonald’s”

Rachel McAdams, Pink, Shania Twain, and CEO Jeff Bezos also have a history of working at McDonald’s.

10. One in eight Americans has worked for “McDonald’s”

Celebrities aren’t the only ones to wear the hairnet. McDonald’s boasts more than 14,000 stores nationwide. A simple estimate is that one in eight Americans has worked at McDonald’s.

11. There are countries in the world without “McDonald’s”! ??

There are no McDonald’s in Ghana, Barbados, Montenegro, Jamaica, Bolivia, North Korea, Iceland, Macedonia, Iran, and the Bermuda Islands.

12. Drive-through was originally made for soldiers

McDonald’s first drive-through was made in 1975 in Sierra Vista, Arizona. There was a US military base near here, but soldiers were not allowed to leave the car in their work clothes.

13. “Golden M-shaped arch” is the most famous logo in the world

One theory is that it is more famous than the Christian cross.

14. There is only one turquoise M-shaped arch in the world

There is a turquoise arch in Sedona, Arizona. The reason is that there were regulations that had to consider the landscape of the desert area.

15. There are only four types of “Mac Nugget”

The next time you eat a “McNugget”, look for boots, bones, balls, and bell shapes!

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