What Are The Tips For Positive Thinking-For A Positive Life – 2021

 What are the tips for positive thinking-for a positive life

What Are The Tips For Positive Thinking-For A Positive Life - 2021
Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a way of thinking about life and things in a positive way. If everyone is alive, there will be occasions when they feel worried or anxious. In such a case, if you can do positive thinking, you may be able to face it. In this article, I will introduce the meaning of positive thinking, how to practice it, and tips to learn.

Positive thinking means “thinking positively.” Here, I will explain the concept of positive thinking.

Positive thinking

If any person is alive, various events will occur. At this time, it is up to the person how to grasp it. Those who practice positive thinking capture the good side of things and connect them to a “good image.”

And positive thinking leads to the law that “a good image attracts positive results.”

“Still half” instead of “the other half”

Suppose you have a glass half full of water in front of you who is thirsty. What do you feel at this time?

People who are good at positive thinking look at the cup and think that they still have half the water. On the other hand, people who end up with negative thinking think that there is only half of them …

A person who can do positive thinking can be said to be a person who can see the good of things.

7 tips to learn

There are occasions in my life where I feel “it would be easier if I could think a little more positively …”. For those who sometimes find it difficult to live, positive thinking may be one of the reasons for making it easier to live.

Here are 7 tips for learning positive thinking.

1. Observe the behavior of positive sinkers

People are greatly influenced by the people they are with. Being with a positive person makes it easier to learn positive behavior.

If there is no such person around, it is also recommended to refer to a positive entertainer. Why don’t you start by observing the person’s way of saying and thinking and imitating it?

2. Think about “how” rather than “why”

When there is something negative, even if you repeat “why” to find out the cause, you cannot move forward. Not all things have a clear cause or reason, and even if they are found, they are not always true.

When something negative happens, it’s better to think, “How can I solve it?” What has already happened can’t be helped. It is more constructive to look ahead and come up with a solution, rather than looking back and mourning.

3. Do not use negative words

To be positive thinking, refrain from negative words such as “I can’t” or “I can’t”. When faced with a difficult problem, it is recommended to think about “how can I do it” as mentioned above, or write down what I think is “difficult”.

Taking a positive attitude toward resolution leads to positive thinking.

4. Be conscious of compliment

To compliment a person or thing, you need to focus on the good side of that person or thing. Naturally, we start to look at the good side of people and things, which triggers positive thinking.

If you can see the good side of people and things, it will be easier to treat with a generous feeling. You will be less likely to get angry or anxious about small things.

5. Be grateful

Let’s say “Thank you” positively. It makes you feel brighter and makes it easier for you to have a positive feeling.

Some people say that words alone are meaningless, but the important thing is to have a habit of positive thinking. Always being grateful can be beneficial in becoming positive thinking.

6. Live a healthy and regular life

To do positive thinking, you must maintain your physical and mental health. To do this, it is essential to have a good night’s sleep and a well-balanced diet. It is also important to exercise moderately.

In particular, quality sleep is said to be essential for physical and mental health. Research results have also been published showing that when you actually sleep for a short time, your thoughts tend to be negatively biased.

It is also said that if you move your body moderately, the secretion of substances that raise your positive mood will increase.

7. I love my negative self

To be positive thinking, it is also important to love and accept your negative self.

Denying “being negative” can also mean denying yourself. Positive thinking is good, but you don’t have to be positive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Accepting a negative self will make you feel better and more positive.

Four misconceptions of positive thinking

Be aware that misunderstandings about positive thinking can be counterproductive. Let’s look at four points that are often misunderstood about positive thinking.

1. Make only words positive

It is effective to give a positive self-suggestion by thinking “it’s okay” and “you can survive” in the face of worries and difficulties. However, it is hard to say that positive thinking is possible for those who are not accompanied by their hearts with just their mouth.

No matter how positive you say, if you don’t really understand it, it won’t solve the fundamental problem. If no reflection or pursuit of the cause is carried out after a failure, the same thing may be repeated.

2. Make sure you didn’t do anything inconvenient

Some people misunderstand that “positive thinking = affirming everything about yourself.”

Such people tend to hear only words that are pleasing to their ears. In addition, it is inconvenient to block your ears, so you cannot calmly judge the situation. It is easy to make a mistake in making a judgment due to the lack of awareness of the current situation, which often leads to trouble.

The word “somehow” is only possible if there is a clear basis or reason. Be aware that unfounded positive thinking can lead to overconfidence and trigger extra problems.

3. What you think you have to think positively

When something is sad or hurt, it is very important to cry and face the feeling of sadness, hurt, and loss. Even if you try to force yourself to be positive, you will put a heavy burden on yourself.

Since the benefits of positive thinking have been spoken out loud, many people have come to want to incorporate positive thinking into their lives and be happy. However, people with low self-affirmation may be burdened with positive words and positive thinking itself.

Positive thinking is not a panacea that works for everyone. Some people may find that “defensive pessimism (acting in the worst case and eventually avoiding the worst)” is more appropriate and suitable.

4. Thinking that negatives are bad emotions

Negative emotions are commonplace in humans. To deny this is to deny yourself.

In order to reconsider things positively, we must deny “I think negatively” each time. Repeating this every time can wear out your mind and lead to self-denial and self-loathing. It can upset the physical and mental balance.

It seems that both positive and negative are moderate.

Get into the habit of positive thinking and be positive

By learning positive thinking, you will be able to think positively about various problems and troubles.

However, it is important not to deny the pain and sadness, but sometimes to cry and accept the negative emotions. I hope you can make good use of positive thinking so that you can lead a calm and positive life every day.

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