What Is Important For Living A Healthy Life – Article 1


What is important for living a healthy life

What Is Important For Living A Healthy Life - Article 1
Healthy Life

I think that “I want to live a healthy life” is a common feeling for many people. It goes without saying that you will not get sick, but it would be great if you could live your daily life more lively.

In recent years, there are a lot of foods, goods, services, information, etc. for living a healthy life. It is also important to have correct knowledge and make good use of these, rather than blindly using them.

Here is a summary of the basic knowledge you need to know to lead a healthy life.

What kind of state is “health” in the first place? What measures are being taken to improve health? What should I be aware of in my daily life, such as eating, exercising, and sleeping?

Let’s enjoy a healthy life together!

What is health?

What is “health” in the first place? First of all, I would like to think about the meaning of “health”.

Definition of health

What is “health”? -The WHO Charter defines “health” as followsHealth is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

“Health and is, Toka not a disease, rather than that it does not weak, physically and mentally to be And socially, everything is in a state of fulfillment. “

It’s easy to think that “health” doesn’t get sick, but it has a more positive meaning of “everything is fulfilled.” A healthy life is not just physical, but only when the three conditions of being good mentally and socially are met.

In other words, no matter how good your body is, if you have a great deal of trouble in your mind, you cannot say that you are healthy.

It is difficult to keep everything in the best condition at all times, but in order to maintain a healthy physical and mental condition as much as possible, it is important to take positive measures on a daily basis.

Health and longevity

“Life” is an indispensable keyword when talking about a healthy life. india is known worldwide as a country with a long life expectancy, but it does not necessarily mean that it is healthy (life).

In 2000, WHO introduced the concept of “healthy life expectancy”, which means “the period during which people can live without being restricted by health problems” from the idea that “it is important not only to extend life expectancy but also to live a healthy and long life”. Was advocated.

Healthy life expectancy is expressed by subtracting the period of continuous care required from life expectancy. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy of indians people in 2010 are as follows.

  male woman
Average life 79.55 86.30
Healthy life expectancy 70.42 73.62

In this way, the difference between average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy (a period without restrictions on daily life) is 9.13 years for men and 12.68 years for women, and healthy life expectancy is more than 10% lower than average life expectancy. I am.

By widening the difference between average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, the burden will increase not only in terms of activities but also in terms of long-term care costs and medical expenses. Prolonging healthy life expectancy is a very important issue not only for individuals but also for the country.

Medical checkup

One of the things that many people use to know whether they are healthy or not is a medical examination. There are various types of medical examinations, which are carried out by workplaces, schools, local governments, etc. in accordance with the law. In addition to the ones, you can also take them voluntarily at a medical institution.

Article 66 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act requires workers to carry out health examinations by employers. General health examinations at the time of hiring and regular examinations, as well as special health examinations, are also required for workers who are constantly engaged in harmful work.

Items of regular health examination (Article 44 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act)

(1) History and work history (
) Examination of subjective and objective symptoms (
3) Height, weight, abdominal circumference, sight and hearing (
4) Chest X-ray examination and sputum examination (
5) Blood pressure measurement
(6) Anemia test (blood pigment amount and red blood cells) Number)
⑦ Liver function test (GOT, GPT, γ-GTP)
⑧ Blood lipid test (LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, serum triglyceride)
⑨ Blood glucose test
⑩ Urine test (test for the presence of sugar and protein in urine)
⑪ Electrocardiogram test

In addition, from April 2008, specific health checkups and specific health guidance began as new medical examinations to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

The specific medical examination is commonly called “ metabolic syndrome  and is a medical examination focusing on metabolic syndrome. The target people are public medical insurance members aged 40 to 74 years old, and the basic medical examination items are as follows.

  • Questionnaire (medication history, smoking history, etc.)
  • Physical measurement (height, weight, BMI, abdominal circumference)
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Physical examination (physical examination)
  • Urine examination (urine sugar, urine protein)
  • Blood test
  • Lipid test (triglyceride, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol)
  • Blood glucose test (fasting blood glucose or HbA1c)
  • Liver function tests (GOT, GPT, γ-GTP)

If it is judged that there is a high risk in these cases, specific health guidance will be given.

Specific health guidance is divided into motivational support and active support according to the level of risk, and in each case, the health condition and lifestyle improvement status are confirmed after half a year. 

Health promotion

Now that a healthy life is emphasized, “how to create health (life)” has become an important issue for individuals, local governments, and the national government, and various efforts have been made for that purpose. I am.

Health India 21

One of the efforts started by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (at that time) in 2000 to promote the health of the people is the “Health Promotion Campaign for the People in the 21st Century (Health India 21)”.

With the aim of preventing lifestyle-related diseases and extending healthy life expectancy, we have set specific numerical targets for 59 items in the following 9 fields.

  • Nutrition and eating habits
  • Physical activity/exercise
  • Resting and creating mental health (life)
  • Tobacco  
  • alcohol  
  • Dental health
  • Diabetes mellitus  
  • Cardiovascular disease (heart disease, stroke)  
  • cancer

The exercise period was 10 years from 2000, but it has been decided to extend it to 2012. In 2011, the final evaluation was compiled, and about 60% of the 59 items showed improvement.

In addition, from 2013, new target values ​​for the following items have been set as “Health India 21 (Second)”.

  • Goals for extending healthy life expectancy and reducing health inequalities
  • Goals for thorough prevention of the onset and aggravation of major lifestyle-related diseases
    1. cancer
    2. Cardiovascular disease
    3. Bran urinary disease
    4. COPD
  • Goals for maintaining and improving the functions necessary for living a social life
    1. Mental health (life)
    2. Next-generation health (life)
    3. The health of the elderly (life)
  • Goals for improving the social environment to support and protect health (life)
  • Goals for improving lifestyle and social environment related to nutrition/diet, physical activity/exercise, rest, drinking, smoking and dental/oral health (life)
    1. Nutrition and eating habits
    2. Physical activity/exercise
    3. rest
    4. Drinking
    5. smoking
    6. Dental/oral health (life)

Health promotion method

The Health Promotion Law is a law enacted in 2002 as part of the medical system reform to further actively promote health promotion and disease prevention for the people-centered on “Health India 21”.

It is said that the people have a responsibility to “deepen their interest and understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyles, to be aware of their own health condition for the rest of their lives, and to strive to improve their health.” Organizations are required to disseminate and enlighten the correct health promotion methods, and health promotion project implementers are required to promote projects such as health examinations.

Especially for passive smoking of tobacco, it is stipulated that the managers of facilities used by a large number of people should take necessary preventive measures.

Mental health

As mentioned in the “Definition of Health”, the conditions for a healthy life must be met not only physically but also mentally. It is no exaggeration to say that maintaining mental health (mental health) is a particularly important issue in today’s stressful society.

It has been pointed out that mental problems are not only things that must be treated as “illnesses” in themselves, but also easily lead to physical illnesses.

Therefore, “Health India 21” also has an item “Resting / Mental Health (Life)”, which shows the current situation, goals, and countermeasures.

Particularly important measures to maintain mental health are to improve the ability to cope with stress, increase support for stress, create a stress-free environment, and get enough sleep and rest. Can also be mentioned.

In addition, it is also an important issue for the person and others to deepen their understanding of mental illness and to take early measures such as treatment.

Dental health

Similarly, “Health India 21” includes “dental health (life)” as an item.

If teeth are lost due to tooth decay or periodontal disease, not only will you not be able to chew food sufficiently, but you will not be able to enjoy conversation, which will have a major impact on your social life. It is also becoming clear that the condition of teeth is related to the general health (living) condition.

Therefore, in 1989, the “8020 Movement” was started by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (at that time) and the India Dental Association.

By keeping 20 or more teeth for a lifetime with the exercise “Keep 20 or more teeth even at the age of 80”, we will maintain sufficient chewing ability and lead a rich healthy life. Thing. In “Health India 21”, the target value is 50% for the achievement rate of 8020 in 2021.

It also summarizes specific target values ​​for the prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease at each stage of early childhood, school age, and adulthood, and measures for that purpose.

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