What Is Important For Living A Healthy Life – Article 2

what is the importance of having a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy life and nutrition/eating habits

What Is Important For Living A Healthy Life - Article 2
Healthy Life

I think nutrition and eating habits are what many people think of as important for a healthy life.

Ingesting sufficient nutrition is not only essential for life support but also important for living a prosperous social life, such as communicating with family members and others through meals. ..

It is also known that eating habits are greatly related to lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Healthy life and nutrition

A nutritionally balanced diet is important for us to sustain our lives and lead a healthy life.

According to “Health India 21”, excessive intake of fat (lipid) is raw, such as the incidence and breast cancer, colon cancer of atherosclerotic heart disease is said to increase the risk of death due to lifestyle-related disease.

In addition, as a “silent killer” because it is a factor that causes various diseases to call to prevent barrel high blood pressure, we aim to be a salt intake of less than 8g per day until the 2022 fiscal year.

Potassium, dietary fiber, antioxidant vitamins, etc. are listed as nutrients that are expected to work for a healthy life, and it is desirable to eat 350 g or more vegetables per day to effectively ingest these. I have.

Importance of breakfast/lunch

For a healthy life, it is also important to properly eat three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In particular, it has been pointed out that lack of breakfast leads to malnutrition.

In addition, breakfast and dinner are also positioned as a place for family groups, and families need to eat together for the healthy growth of children.

“Health India 21” aims to increase the proportion of children who are careful to eat three meals in the morning, noon, and evening, and to reduce the number of children who eat alone. ..

Precautions when eating out and using instant foods

When considering health (life) and eating habits, eating out and increasing the use of ready-to-eat foods are often cited as problems.

It is also pointed out that these tend to be high in fat and salt as a whole, and that nutrition is easily biased. It also tends to be lonely and fast eating. There is no problem if you enjoy it moderately, but be careful if you use it frequently.

Therefore, it is recommended to refer to the nutrition labeling when eating out or purchasing food, and the goal of “Health India 21” is to increase the number of registered food companies and restaurants working to reduce salt and fat in food. Is listed as.

Healthy life and drinks

For a healthy life, not only eating habits but also hydration is important.

Moisture, which makes up about 60% of the human body, plays an important role in carrying nutrients and oxygen as blood, excreting waste products as urine, and regulating body temperature by sweating . .. Therefore, proper hydration to keep the body hydrated leads to a healthy life.

So what kind of drink and how should we drink for a healthy life?

Drinks for a healthy life

There are many different drinks around us, but let’s see if each one is suitable for a healthy life.


Water is the most suitable drink for a healthy lifeSince water does not contain sugar or caffeine, you can continue to drink with confidence for your health (life).

Even though the water and bite, other mineral water and carbonated water of tap water, hydrogen water, because there are various types, such as deep ocean water, would be a good choice from a cost and palatability.


Tea is indispensable for meals and breaks, but there are many types here as well. Many of them are said to be “good for a healthy life”, but let’s check what kind of ingredients each contains and what kind of action can be expected.

Please note that caffeine contained in green tea has a diuretic effect, and even if you intend to rehydrate, much of it may be excreted from the body.


Drinking too much juice can lead to an overdose of sugar.

In summer, it has been pointed out that there is a risk of “PET bottle syndrome” in which excessive intake of soft drinks in PET bottles causes hyperglycemia and further thirst.

It is also said that drinking juices daily increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.


Alcohol is a drink that is closely related to healthy living, and there is an item about it in “Health India 21”.

“Liquor is the best medicine” moderate drinking as there is a word that is also useful standing in a healthy living in you Chi, by a large amount of drinking in a short period “Healthy India 21 (second)”, one If the daily intake of pure alcohol is 40g or more for men and 20g or more for women, the risk of lifestyle-related diseases may increase, and we are aiming to reduce the ratio.

How to drink for a healthy life

We lose water from urine and sweat every day. It is said that about 1.2 liters of water are needed a day to supplement the lost water and maintain good health, excluding the water obtained from the diet and the water produced by the body.

However, if you try to replenish this amount at once, it will put a burden on the internal organs, so it is recommended to take about a glass at a time, divided into 7 to 8 times a day.

Also, be aware that drinks that are too cold can easily cool your body.

Healthy life and diet

Dieting is an important issue not only for keeping the appearance beautiful but also for living a healthy life. Obesity is cited as a factor in various lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and dyslipidemia and disorders of healthy living.

It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about maintaining the right weight for a healthy life.

Let’s know the proper weight

The proper weight is usually determined by BMI. BMI is the Body Mass Index, which is used all over the world as a standard for judging physique from weight and height.

BMI is calculated as weight (kg) ÷ (height (m) x height (m)) and classified as follows according to the value.

Underweight   Less than 18.5
Normal weight   18.5 or more and less than 25
obesity (1 degree) 25 or more and less than 30
  (2 times) 30 or more and less than 35
  (3 degrees) 35 or more and less than 40
  (4 degrees) 40 or more

The ideal BMI value, which is the least susceptible to lifestyle-related diseases, is said to be 22. In other words, the proper weight can be expressed by height (m) x height (m) x 22.

Knowing your proper weight is the first step to getting the right diet.

In “Health India 21 (Second)”, the item “Increase in the number of people who recognize their proper weight and practice weight control (decrease in obesity (BMI 25 or more), thinness (BMI less than 18.5))”, The target value as of FY 2021 is set as follows.

Percentage of obese men in their 20s and 60s  28%
Percentage of obese women in their 40s and 60s  19%
Percentage of thin women in their 20s  20%

Diet method

So how do you maintain a proper weight and lead a healthy life?

We get energy from our diet and consume it, but when the energy intake exceeds the energy consumption, the excess is accumulated in the body as fat. Therefore, the balance between energy intake and energy consumption is important.

Obesity and pre-proof and appropriate diet to do is,

  • Avoid excessive energy intake
  • Increase energy consumption

There are two methods.

To prevent excessive energy intake, you need to be careful about overdrinking and eating too much fat, fatty meats, dairy products, and sweets. On the other hand, to increase energy consumption, it is necessary to increase the amount of physical activity.

Also, by increasing the minimum amount of energy (basal metabolic rate) consumed even when you are not doing anything, you can build a body that is hard to gain weight.

Healthy life and exercise

Many people know that it is better to exercise for a healthy life.

Exercise is said to reduce the risk of death from lifestyle-related diseases and improve physical and mental health. Especially in modern times, it has been pointed out that children are playing video games more and more, and the amount of exercise is reduced, resulting in a decrease in physical strength and an increase in obesity.

It is also said that it is important to move the body to prevent bedridden and long-term care for the elderly.

Types of exercise for a healthy life

Even if you know that exercise is important for a healthy life, many people may think that they are not good at strenuous exercise. However, it does not necessarily mean that you have to exercise hard to lead a healthy life. It is important to increase the amount of physical activity for a healthy life.

Physical activity includes not only exercise but also physical activity (living activity) such as housework. The amount of physical activity can be increased by increasing walking movements and stair climbing in daily life and by moving the body a lot when doing household chores.

Even if you suddenly start strenuous exercise, it often does not continue, so it may be a good idea to first consider exercising in your daily life.

Physical activity standards and guidelines for health promotion (active guide)

To promote “Health India 21” and disseminate and enlighten people about physical activity and exercise, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced, “Exercise Standards for Health Promotion 2006” and “Exercise Guidelines for Health Promotion 2006” in 2006 <Exercise Guide. 2006> ”was formulated.

Furthermore, with the start of “Health India 21 (Second)”, “Physical Activity Standards for Health Promotion 2013” and “Physical Activity Guidelines for Health Promotion (Active Guide)” have been revised based on new knowledge. ) ”Is summarized.

Among these, “increase in the number of steps in daily life (increase in 1,200 to 1,500 steps)”, “increase in the proportion of people with exercise habits (increase by about 10%)”, and “local governments working on community development and environmental improvement that make it easier for residents to exercise” With the three main goals of “increasing the number (47 prefectures)”, a guideline for what kind of activities should be carried out and how much should be carried out is summarized.

Healthy life and sleep

Sleep is also one of the important factors for a healthy life. It is said that lack of sleep not only prevents fatigue and interferes with daily life, but also increases the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. Also, mental illness and sleep are closely interrelated.

Focusing on quality as well as quantity of sleep is important for a healthy life.

Sleep and health problems

According to the “Awareness Survey on Health Promotion in 1996”, the percentage of “people who do not get enough rest due to sleep” was 23.1%. This ratio has decreased significantly to 21.1% in the 2004 survey and 18.4% in the 2009 survey, and in “Health India 21 (Second)”, it will be 15% by FY 2021. I am aiming.

However, the percentages of “people who may use sleep aids (hypnotics/tranquilizers) and alcohol to help sleep” were 14.1% (1996), 17.6% (2003), and 19.5% (Heisei). Another study reveals that it has increased to 19 years).

Excessive use of sleep aids and alcohol not only affects sleep quality but can also cause physical and mental health (life) problems.

Therefore, it is important to get into the habit of getting a good night’s sleep for a healthy life.

Sleep guidelines for health promotion

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare have formulated the “Sleep Guidelines for Health Promotion 2014” as a means to put into practice the items related to sleep in “Health India 21”.

Here, “12 sleep clauses” are listed to ensure good sleep and respond early to sleep disorders.

  • A good night’s sleep and a healthy body and mind.
  • Moderate exercise, good breakfast, sleepiness, and awakening.
  • Good sleep helps prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
  • The feeling of rest from sleep is important for mental health (life).
  • Depending on your age and season, sleep to the extent that you don’t have to worry about the drowsiness of your flutter.
  • Creating an environment is also important for a good night’s sleep.
  • The younger generation avoids staying up late and keeps the rhythm of their body clock.
  • Get enough sleep every day to recover from fatigue and improve the efficiency of the working generation.
  • The middle-aged generation is sharp in the morning and evening and has a good night’s sleep with moderate exercise.
  • After getting sleepy, go to bed and don’t delay the time to wake up.
  • The unusual sleep, watch out.
  • I can’t sleep, and without suffering from it, consult an expert.

It is important to start with the basics of adjusting your lifestyle and consult a specialist as soon as possible if you have trouble sleeping.

Healthy life and stress

Stress refers to a biological reaction caused by an external stimulus. Various things, such as changes in temperature, noise, busyness, and words spoken by people, can be irritating and stressful.

Excessive stress is known to have a significant effect on physical and mental health. Examples or become anxiety from stress if, For example, irritated or, for that or is easy to anger or will not there be many people experienced. Physical disorders such as headaches and rough skin may appear, and they may lead to disturbances in life such as insomnia and insomnia.

It has also been pointed out that if such a condition continues, mental illnesses such as depression and panic disorder, as well as physical illnesses such as lifestyle-related diseases, are likely to occur.

What percentage of people are stressed?

In the “Awareness Survey on Health Promotion in 1996”, 11.9% of the respondents answered “greatly” and 42.7% answered “somewhat” when asked if they had any dissatisfaction, worries, hardships, stress, etc. in the month before the survey. In total, about 55% of people are feeling stressed daily.

Regarding the content of stress, “work” was the most common for men, and “childbirth/childcare” was also mentioned for women.

To reduce such stress and improve physical and mental health, the percentage of “people who have felt stress in the last month” has been reduced by more than 10% by 2010 in “Health India 21” (2000). The goal was to do.

However, in the interim report issued in 2007, although it is difficult to evaluate because some of the surveys are different from the survey at the time of formulation, the result increased to 62.2%, and the final was compiled in 2011. In the evaluation, the survey result was 61.3%, so it was evaluated as “deteriorating”.

“Health India 21 (Second)” does not have an item about stress, but the goal is to reduce the proportion of suicides and those who are experiencing psychological distress equivalent to mood disorders and anxiety disorders. ..

Stress measures for a healthy life

As a stress countermeasure for a healthy life, it is first necessary to improve the ability to cope with stress as an individual. For that purpose, it is said that you should pay attention to the following points.

  • Have accurate knowledge of stress
  • Adjust your lifestyle
  • Soften your head and allow you to capture things flexibly
  • Take enough rest
  • Find a way to change your mood
  • Talk to someone

However, some aspects of stress cannot be helped by individual efforts alone. It can be said that the understanding and cooperation of family members, friends, colleagues at work, etc. are also indispensable for stress management.

“Health India 21 (Second)” also sets a goal of increasing the percentage of workplaces that can receive mental health measures to 100%.

If stress has impaired your physical and mental health (life), you need to take measures such as seeing a medical institution as soon as possible.


Finally, I would like to summarize the definition of health and important matters for a healthy life.

  • “Health (life)” is defined as being physically, mentally, and socially satisfied.
  • It is advisable to take regular health checkups and refer to guidelines such as Health India 21.
  • Nutritional balance and diet are important for a healthy life
  • Frequent replenishment of about 1.2 liters of water per day leads to a healthy life
  • Know your proper weight and be careful about the balance between energy consumption and energy intake
  • For a healthy life, it is important to increase physical activity such as exercise and daily activities
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep by referring to “Sleep guidelines for health promotion” etc.
  • Good stress measures are required for physical and mental health (life)

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