Which of the following skills need to salesman? Improve your skills with 6 tips!

Which of the following skills need to salesman? Improve your skills with 6 tips!

Which of the following skills

Since the job of a salesperson is to sell goods and services, the job is not evaluated unless the result of selling is obtained.

If the work is not evaluated, the work to be done will not be fun. As a result, we fall into a negative spiral of falling operating numbers.

On the other hand, salespeople who sell well will be evaluated based on the results of numbers, so if they produce results, they will be entrusted with large-scale projects, will be selected as leaders, etc., and will be motivated and will be able to enter the good spiral.

In this way, salespeople are directly linked to the results of numbers and evaluations .
Reflecting the strict evaluation of the results, when it comes to sales positions in the world, “the quota is tight”, “they are swayed by customers”, and “they sell online, so I don’t think there is a need for a sales person now.” There are many negative images such as “..” .

When I took a questionnaire to college students, about 90% answered that they did not want to be in the “sales position”.

This is a sales position that is not popular with students, but what do salespeople think about themselves?

Do about 40% of the sales people themselves have sales positions? In response to the question, “I can’t say either”, and even if you add “very so” and “somewhat so”, it’s about 40%. You can see the salesman who is carrying out.

Although the sales position has many worries like this, the skills required for the sales position are diverse.

For example, the skills that are indispensable for sales staff, which we asked 1,500 sales staff, are as follows.

The coverage area of ​​the skills required for sales staff is quite wide, as the sum of problem finding ability and hearing ability is only 22.84%.

Next is the background of top sales positions. According to an American survey, there is data that excellent sales positions were playing sports in high school.
The reason for this is the view that “sports provide the ability to control themselves and achieve high performance in a competitive environment . 

Sports and business are often compared. Sports and business actually have three things in common.

① Clear goal: The result of winning or losing is clear.
(2) Clear process: The result can be measured quantitatively (score).
③ Performance is required in a competitive environment: Self-control ability to produce results under pressure is required

In this way, the process of scoring the situation as a progress in a competitive environment and finally getting the result of winning or losing is a common point between sports and business.

Therefore, it seems that the result is that a person who has experience in sports gives high performance in the sales position. If you look around, you may be convinced that many high performers in the sales position have sports experience.

In order to become a sales position that sells well, you need various skills in addition to your background.

In this article, we will consider the difference between sales positions that sell and sales positions that do not sell, and give you tips on how to become a sales position that sells.

1. Six issues for sales staff

Here, we will consider the issues of sales staff.
In order to become a sales position that sells, first identify the issues of the sales position that does not sell.
There are six major issues.

① I am not confident in myself
② Weak commitment to the organization
③ Low customer acquisition ability
④ Weak closing ability
⑤ Low project promotion ability
⑥ Poor time control

① I’m not confident in myself

What does it mean to be unsure of yourself?

Not being confident in yourself means that you have not been able to fully analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
Will you deepen your understanding of your company’s products and services even if you don’t know yourself well?

Even if someone recommends a product to someone who does not have a firm grasp of the selling points of their product, the person who recommends the product will be at a loss.
Then it will be difficult to make a contract.

② Weak commitment to the organization

Some salespeople have a weak commitment to the organization and only follow their own numbers.

The tendency of these people is to work hard to improve their performance, but not to the goal of increasing sales as an organization.

It is a type that does not sweat for so-called others .

Even if such a person improves his / her performance in the short term, he / she will not be able to perform well due to the gradual deviation from the organizational policy and company-wide strategy.

③ Low customer acquisition ability

There are two possible patterns of customer acquisition:
finding new
customers, expanding sales to existing customers, and upselling


How to attract new customers? This perspective is closely related to the marketing field, but it is necessary to have the ability to identify the industry and occupation that have the needs of the company’s products.

The ability to manage the pipeline of the entire opportunity is also important.
Even if the number of business negotiations this year is sufficiently high and closing is done by steadily discovering immediate projects, it will be stable if the response to existing customers is neglected and the sales pipeline for the next fiscal year is narrowed. It is difficult to generate the sales that have been made.

④ Weak closing ability

The elements required for closing ability can be roughly divided into two.
・ Is there information necessary for closing?
・ Is there bargaining power?

Whether you have information about closing

For example, whether or not the four conditions called BANT (how much the budget is, who will make the decision, whether there is customer needs, when it will be introduced) are thoroughly interviewed and held down.

Even if you just have a business talk without confirming BANT, you can talk with a person in a position that has nothing to do with settlement, or you can talk for the time being even though there are few needs, so it is highly productive. I cannot carry out sales activities.

Whether you have the bargaining power to pass your request

Even if you negotiate a business and make a contract, there is no point in terms that are disadvantageous to your company.
We want to clarify the conditions that the company cannot give up, and do not conclude contracts that are disadvantageous to the company for immediate sales. Negotiation power is very important in business, such as
insisting on what you should insist on, and giving up what you can give up to the other party to make a loan .

⑤ Low project promotion ability

The larger the amount of negotiations, the more people will need to be involved, both inside and outside the company.
In order to do that, we have to involve others and carry out the movement of sales as a project .

It is important to have a sense of responsibility to complete the negotiation by yourself, but in the case of negotiations with a wide range of related parties and departments such as negotiations with major companies, we will involve various people inside and outside the company and proceed while managing the negotiations. It will be necessary to go.

There are surprisingly many human resources who are not good at this, and the project moves forward if it is not possible to properly manage

who to ask for what (clarify the person in charge)
and what content must be decided by when (setting the deadline).


As a result, it will take a lot of time to progress each work, and it will be annoying to customers and company members.

⑥ Time control is poor

Salespeople who cannot manage their own time will not be trusted by customers.

It is outrageous to “make a visit schedule”, but if the following small mistakes are accumulated, the trust of customers may be lost.

– the forget sending, such as “quote”, “Order Form”
forget the reply to, later see it and I thought mail
delayed, “I’ll call you at this time!” And promised time
is-will visit to double booking A salesperson who cannot manage time, such as shifting one side or
being late for a designated meeting, will

lose the trust of the other person.

Keeping a set date is the basis of a business person .

What do you think? It’s also interesting to check yourself against yourself!

2. 6 Tips to Become a Selling Salesman

So what do you do to become a salesman who sells?

The answer is simple.
All you have to do is solve the six issues listed above one by one .
If you turn the issue over, it will be a characteristic of a high-performance salesperson.

Here are six tips. Let’s look at each one.

Tip 1  Thorough self-analysis
Tip 2  Commit to your organization
Tip 3 Improve customer acquisition skills
Tip 4
Improve closing skills Tips 5 Improve project management skills
6 Improve
 self-management skills

Tip 1 Do a thorough self-analysis

The important thing is to get to know yourself well, who is not the only one in the world.
If you self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses, how can you establish a sales style that makes the most of you? You can think and practice.
First of all, let’s get to know yourself!

There are various tests such as “Strength Finder” for self-awareness, so it is recommended to use them.

Also, if you can analyze yourself, you will be able to analyze others. It is important to always keep in mind
” Why does this person behave like this ? ” And ” Do you think this way? “
In sales, it is important to know the background of the person.
If you can suppress the desires and motivations of the other party, you can satisfy the desires of the other party by making proposals corresponding to them, and you can get hints that lead to orders.

As in Sun Tzu’s military art, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, there is no danger of a hundred battles .”

Tip 2 Commit to your organization

It is important to commit to yourself and work, but committing to a larger team or organization and doing the work will increase your trust and credibility.

Trust means believing. Believe that you can rely on it.
Credit is to believe and use.
Trust in your boss, colleagues, and subordinates leads to trust.
You can earn trust by committing to your organization and doing the work. Gaining trust gives you the opportunity to gain credibility and be entrusted with big tasks.

The important keyword is ” altruism “.
By praying for the happiness of others as you do for yourself, you can gain the trust and trust of others.
In the sales position, it is necessary to consult with colleagues who are not having good business negotiations, to give Ho Ren Saw to their bosses, and to give appropriate advice and guidance to their subordinates.

And above all, we do not have our own products, but we seriously wish to solve customers’ problems and propose the most suitable products that meet their needs .

Tip 3 Increase customer acquisition capabilities

You will also need a skill set to improve your ability to acquire customers.
There are various methods out there, but it’s also a good idea to learn TAS (Target Account Selling).

■ TAS process example

Project evaluation: “Is it okay to invest resources?” “Is there enough information to win?”

Competitive strategy construction:
 “Confirm your company’s differentiation points” “Suppress the weaknesses of competition “

customer histological analysis:
 ” analysis of the customer’s organization information “,” profile analysis of the key players, “” corporate culture “

dropped to the action plan

In this way, by reviewing the sales activity process itself, it becomes possible to appropriately perform everything from finding new projects to managing the pipeline.

Tip 4 Increase your closing ability

In order to improve closing ability, it is necessary to improve information gathering ability and negotiation ability .

Improve information gathering ability

The important thing in collecting information is not only to collect information, but also to think about the background of the collected information and grasp the truth behind it.

What if you sell IT services and you have a customer who says, “Our company also wants to introduce IT tools to improve business efficiency? “
Ambiguous keywords such as “business efficiency” do not honestly tell us where our customers’ needs are.

Are you looking for an easy data entry tool to improve the efficiency of your sales activities?
Do you want to automate back office operations such as expense reimbursement and transportation expense reimbursement?
Do you want to efficiently manage customers in the cloud, which is done in Excel or paper?
Do you want to aggregate and analyze your data and use it in marketing?

There are an infinite number of issues that can be solved by “IT tools” in the world today.

If you can determine where your true needs are and connect them well with your company’s products, it will be easier to win orders.

Improve bargaining ability

Next, in order to improve your bargaining ability, it is important to learn techniques first.
Humans are creatures that communicate by voice.
Negotiation is a technology that has evolved with the history of mankind, and since it has a long history, there is a systematic technique.
For that purpose, it may be useful to read and learn books such as “Harvard-style negotiation techniques”.

This is a relatively old book, but since the essence of human beings has not changed so much, it is a good introduction to improve bargaining power.

In particular, “negotiation” may be an area that Indain people are not good at.
However, “negotiation” does not mean confrontation or confrontation. It is important to negotiate from the perspective of finding the best goals that are better for each other.

Also, if you want to learn negotiation techniques in earnest, studying negotiation theory with an MBA is also an effective means.
Studying BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement) and ZOPA (Zone Of Possible Agreement) using Globis information sites will also help you improve your skills.

Tip 5 Improve your project management skills

In order to receive orders for large companies and large-scale projects, it is essential to have the ability to involve others in promoting organizational and political projects.

To do this, you need to learn about ” project management “.

■ Example of project management flow for B2B sales

It is important to understand the business flow of the customer, take a bird’s-eye view of the entire process from problem extraction, project ordering, and after-sales follow-up as a sales process, and allocate the appropriate human resources to the appropriate roles .

For that purpose, it is important to disassemble and organize the sales cases, and the key is to pick up the most suitable person in charge for each disassembled case and manage whether the person in charge is working properly.

For example, by introducing a task management tool such as Backlog , it will be possible to visualize the tasks of each person in charge and check the progress at a glance.

Tip 6 Improve self-management skills

As with the project management ability of Tip 5, for example, “keeping time” is a basic ability in every part of the business.

To keep time, you need to improve your self-management skills.
For example, work naturally has a deadline, but to meet this deadline, you need to set the right deadlines, figure out how much resources you have, and manage your work priorities yourself.

To improve your self-management skills, it is recommended that you first identify and break down your work tasks.

In particular,Indain salespeople spend only 25% of their time during business negotiations, so we must manage ourselves to increase business negotiation time by streamlining the rest of the time.

Use the checklist below to understand your self-management skills.

・ What kind of work do you spend time on? (Actually measure the working time with a stopwatch etc.)
・ How long is the negotiation time as a whole?
・ What is the average lead time until closing a project?
・ Are you able to create an activity plan that matches the lead time?
・ How many cases did you keep your promises (appointments and delivery dates) with your customers? On the contrary, how many cases could not be protected?
・ What are the causes and reasons for failing to keep time?

As mentioned above, please check your own management ability and use it as a hint to improve your sales performance! 

4. Summary

I explained 6 tips to improve your sales ability.


The following six issues are for sales staff

① I am not confident in myself
② Weak commitment to the organization
③ Low customer acquisition ability
④ Weak closing ability
⑤ Low project promotion ability
⑥ Poor time control

6 tips to improve your sales ability

Tip 1 Thorough self-analysis
Tip 2 Commit to your organization
Tip 3 Improve customer acquisition skills
Tip 4
Improve closing skills Tips 5 Improve project management skills
Improve self-management skills

was. It is a good idea to review your sales style once again with reference to these.

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