How to make your work and life meaningful in an unreasonable world

How to make your work and life meaningful in an unreasonable world

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“I’m doing my best, but I’m not rewarded at all.”

“Why aren’t you evaluated when you work hard for the company?”

In this way, you often feel that the world is unreasonable.

If you take an unreasonable response that goes against your wishes, you may be frustrated and frustrated and may not be able to sleep at night.

“Will my life end without being rewarded?”

You may be overwhelmed by despair.

It’s okay if you’re in such a situation!

Even in such an unreasonable world, there is a way to lead fulfilling and meaningful days.

If you practice this method, your life will be wonderful.

I will introduce the method immediately.

If you stop expecting others, you can be optimistic about unreasonable events and feel good.

Unreasonable treatment by people can make you feel uncomfortable.

One of the causes of feeling unpleasant is that you are disappointed.

for example,

If I thought that my boss would evaluate me for doing a perfect job, I was reprimanded instead of evaluating it.

When I bought a souvenir to make my family happy, I was angry that I didn’t need something like this.

When such an event occurs and disappointment is disappointing, I feel sick.

Everyone lives at their own convenience.

We are not acting to live up to your expectations.

(It will only try to live up to your expectations if it is convenient for you.)

Even so, I expect people, and not getting the results I expected makes me feel sick.

So don’t expect others from the beginning.

I’m betrayed and hurt because I expect it.

If you don’t expect it, you won’t get hurt.

Do what you need to do, not expect people.

If you concentrate on that, you will be able to be optimistic without worrying about any reaction the other person may have.

Even if the reaction from the other person is not good for you

“This person reacts like this.”

Just understand.

That’s all you need.

If you need to get a good response on top of that, you just have to improve your behavior for that.

And if you don’t need to get a good response, you don’t need to change anything.

Focus on what you need to do.

No matter how the other person reacts to it, you don’t have to feel sick.

It’s a waste to spend your precious time feeling sick, being swayed by the other person’s convenience.

It’s okay if you can do what you want to do without expecting the reaction of the other person.

That way, you can feel the fulfillment that you have done what you have done.

You will not be offended, such as feeling unpleasant.

Stop expecting the actions of others.

It prevents it from being unnecessarily swayed by unreasonable responses.

As a result, you can do what you want to do comfortably.

Dispel unreasonable criticism of you and get rid of stress

Even if you’re doing the right thing, you’ll get some intense criticism, such as being sworn at.

“Why should I say that!”

The feeling of anger may arise.

In such a case, thinking like this will make you feel better.

“It’s a weak person to make such a swearing.”

I’m a weak person, so I don’t want to lose to you and criticize me strongly.

By feeling the weakness of the other person, you will be able to lightly dismiss such criticism without taking it seriously.

A really strong person never criticizes the other person strongly.

Accept the other person’s actions and just stick to your thoughts and actions.

You have strong confidence in yourself, so you don’t have to criticize and defeat others unnecessarily.

Those who make loud noises such as swearing or make strong criticisms are driven by the desire to hide their weak self and defeat you.

Any criticism that allows you to calmly exchange opinions will do.

However, when I get emotional and criticize, I’m just trying to give in to the other person.

Therefore, they try to beat the other person by making a loud voice or exposing their emotions and cursing them.

Occasionally, I will use my position to wield power.

Even if you argue against it, the other party will go until you beat you.

Even if you can give in to the other person, it won’t fit.

This time, I’m aiming for the next opportunity to take revenge on you.

Don’t exhaust yourself in such a barren battle.

Let’s pass on unreasonable criticisms to you.

If you do not feel the weakness of the other person and take the criticism seriously, you will be released from unnecessary stress.

If you do what you think is right, without being caught up in unreasonable criticism, you can have a fulfilling time.

Unreasonable situations give you a chance to grow

If you accept an unreasonable situation as it is, you will find it difficult.

Such a situation can be changed drastically by changing the viewpoint.

The point of view is that “an unreasonable situation is a chance to grow.”

A good situation may seem like a good thing, but it changes when you think about your growth.

If you are doing well, you will get results if you act as it is, so there are few opportunities to grow.

On the contrary, a situation that seems unreasonable will make you grow bigger in the process of overcoming the situation.

If you feel unreasonable, think that you have a chance to grow.

Thinking that way will change the difficult situation.

By seeing it as an opportunity, the current situation drives you to take action to grow yourself.

This will turn an unreasonable situation into one that creates a fulfilling time.

Acting in anticipation of yourself gives a sense of fulfillment to life

To avoid being swayed by an unreasonable world, expect yourself and act.

Expecting something other than yourself, such as wanting to be evaluated or acknowledged by the other party, can lead to unreasonable results.

Expect yourself and act toward your ideal self.

If you can do that, you will not be disturbed by any unreasonable events.

Because you can believe in yourself and act no matter what happens.

In other words, you can accept everything as your own responsibility.

So no matter what the situation, you can think about what to do at that time and take action.

We don’t blame anyone or impose responsibility on others.

You don’t mourn the status quo.

Expect yourself and focus on what you can do now.

Such behavior keeps away feelings of despair and regret, even in unreasonable situations.

Acting in anticipation of yourself will make your life fulfilling and wonderful.

You have the power to make your life wonderful.

Expect yourself.

Beyond that, wonderful days await you, keeping you away from any unreasonable things.


No matter how unreasonable the situation, you can change your way of thinking and behavior to a fulfilling situation.

Again, you have the power to make your life wonderful.

Don’t expect and be swayed by others, expect yourself.

It will make your life fulfilling and wonderful.

Thank you for reading this far.

I sincerely hope that your life will be able to escape from seemingly unreasonable situations and have meaningful days.

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